IE7 Table Width

I had a problem with IE7 not respecting TD width. For example, I would do something like this:

<td style="width: 20px"></td>

But IE7 would completely ignore the width in favor of showing even columns.

This was extremely frustrating, and it had nothing to do with my CSS because it worked fine in Firefox.

Finally I found this property

table-layout: fixed;

Which made Internet Explorer behave as it should. I can finally specify the width of my table columns. I hope it helps.

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    omg, THANK YOU. This fixed the last hurdle of a a simple problem i’ve spent 3 trying to solve in ie7, percentage-wide table columns with padding and text-wrapping which when applied, does not add any pixels to width. It’s perfect now, thanks!! Without this, it would have been impossible!

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    You can also set width using percentages, like
    style=”width: 10%”
    (if you don’t like fixed table-layout )

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