a bumper sticker


I saw an interesting bumper stick today. I says, “Don’t be fooled by my car, my real treasures are in heaven.”
It reminded me of the fragility of life. I think nowadays people forget about their own mortality. Everyone is always so busy acquiring wealth for retirement, children, luxuries, and fame they forget that one day all of that wealth they have amassed would equate to nothing.
Unless you believe that once you are dead, you’re dead, and thats the end of that. You have to wonder what is the measure of wealth in the next life?
Being a person who knows the faces of poverty quite well. I can assure you that many people in this world, who does not own any wealth and treasures in this life, will surely be the riches people in heaven. :wink:

Oil Tax and Cig Tax Loss


I was under the impression that the Oil Tax and Cig Tax would win for sure. With so many nonprofit organizations and big names like Bill Clinton pushing the bill, I thought it would win for sure.
I am kind of shocked that it loss. I am no expert on politics, but I have a strange feeling Californians are retarded.
I think most people are afraid that Oil Tax = they pay more for gas.
Being an environmentalist, the way I see it is.

Pay more for gas = less people driving = better for the environment.

Its frustrating to sit and watch society waste itself away. I suggest anyone who wants to understand my sentiment read the book “Collapse”.

Anyways, I am just hoping that in the end everything will just even out and we will all be ok.

An interesting article to read:


Nobodys Hero


You know what’s strange.
On TV, in books, and in stories we always hear about these “heroes”. They are kind, loving, none discriminating, crime fighting, selfless people. They will go out of their way to save other people’s lives while putting their own lives at risk. They will always tell the truth even when the truth hurts them. In essence they all have great morals and values, because they show unconditional love and care to everyone around them, regardless of color, shape, or form. ( ie. everyone loves “the thing” ) even though he is a slab of rock.
But what is strange is that, no matter, how many “good” people we see on TV, people will still end up not being good people. People still discriminate on each other, they still lie, they still act selfish, and they still greed for money and power.
I just don’t get it. In a culture that idolizes heroes, no one acts like one.
I will continue with this thought later. Back to work! :roll:

rebuilding my website


I am rebuilding my website in CSS. It will be pretty cool. Its just a chance for me to practice using CSS. Wierd, lately I been getting attack by spam. I guess this website is getting more popular so spammers are coming by. :) They managed to hacked my spam guardian, so I had to find different questions.

Happy Halloween


I dont really know how to spell Halloween. But if there is a picture to remind you of halloween its this picture. Ok now there is alot I could write about, because there is a lot going on in my life/mind, but I just want to dedicade this post to bitching about annoying people.

I find it extremely annoying when people bitch about things they do not know anything about. The other day I was in the post office and this guy started bitching about how corrupt the UC system is, blah blah blah. He had all these crazy theories about how its a conspiracy and how he could do it so much better. Ok, now I know I am being hypocritical when I say this, but I think the world would be a better place, if people would just shut up. So many people bitch about things they have no knowledge of, and they just make up shit to say to make themself justified.

Good Night World. Good Night.

Global Warming


In an effort to find a good picture to tell the tale of global warming, (ie. like the picture of a polar bear jumping between melting snow caps) I found this picture. :lol: Quite hilarious. There are all kinds of ecological problems in this world today. Lets hope humans can recognize those problems and unite to help prolong our own existence. I am out, not in a very blogging mood.

power of money

!~~1/20061001-money.jpg|The Power of Money~~!

Its titled “the power of money”. :lol: Hilarious. Absolutely Hilarious. Money has been on my mind for quite a while now. Ever since the impending termination date for my USDA job became visible, I started fantasizing about ways I can make tons of money to pay off my debt and afford my family the common luxuries they deserve.

Money is really annoying. You always want it. You can never seem to have enough of it. But you don’t really need it. It would take me forever to explain why you don’t need money, so I’ll just paraphrase and say that, “wealth is relative.” I can’t think of anything that is like money, because with everything in life, once you have a shit load of it, you get sick of, but with money, it seems the more you get, the more you need. :?:

Anyways, interviewed with 3 companies ( 6 interviews :x ) so far. I got all three jobs. Yay me. I guess. I am totally ditching the low paying, work in the dirt, sunburn, ecology type jobs. I am going into sales and marketing. As of today, I believe I will be working for Syntec Inc. in Vacaville. The pay is nothing to jump for joy about, but it’s enough for me roll up my sleeves and join the fight. Hopefully I will be able to propel the company into wealth, and then be there reap the benefits.

Once the debt is taken care of, I will put my money towards environmental education and protection. Somewhere in between that i’ll buy a house for the family. Don’t worry babe, I didn’t forget about you. ;) I will buy you something pretty. I promise.

did someone break a mirror?


It’s not easy watching the toughest person you know lay helplessly on a hospital bed. It’s even harder to think that if it werent for some plastic tubing, they’d be nine feet under. :? I googled “stroke” and that’s the picture I got.

I been to the hospital three times already in the last 12 months. I don’t like hospitals. Good thing I am not a doctor. Although those young doctors, and nurses are pretty hot. I’d look great in a doctor’s coat.
When my dad gets better he’s going to nag me about why I did not become a doctor. This time around, I really don’t have a good counter argument. :x

Maybe I need to go to church more often. If I get the job I want tommorow, and the pay is decent, maybe work wont start until 8 or 9, so I have time to go to church at 7:30. Going to church in the morning is surreal. Old people, come every morning, to beg for the Lord’s mercy.

23 years and counting…


23 years into my life and still I am still penniless. For my job I have to drive around a lot to these remote locations, so on the way I see a lot of land…after land… after land.. just open grass areas or farm land.. so I been reading this book “collapsed” and it makes me think about how I don’t really have anything. Then I thought, what if I had a patch of land, then I can cut down some trees, build me a house, cultivate the land to grow vegetables and such, then I can own some animals. Maybe not cows, because apparently cows are exhaust the resource like crazy because of their grazing. Maybe chicken, I love chicken anyways. :lol:

I can’t imagine why anyone would give up a comfortable life as an educated member of society to go live on a farmland working their ass off, but then again, I would be totally self-sufficient. Well actually, maybe I will be self-sufficient. I will still need water and what not to water my plant, if I dont live next to a lake or something. Hrmmph..

Anyways, I came to realize that working hard does not always mean you’ll reap the reward. Some of the hardest working people I know live at the bottom rung of society. Being affluent has alot more to do with 1) Luck 2) How smart you are. If you are mart you can find ways to accumulate wealth and escape all the curve balls life throw at you, and to exploit all he opportunies presented to you. But none of that even matter if you are not lucky. If you are lucky, you dont need to worry about shit. But then again someone once said, “Luck is an opportunity for those who are well prepared” Being prepared mean working hard… but then again just cus you work hard doesnt mean the “opportunity” will present itself, so in the end you wont have any luck.

I guess this is where religion comes in. Ok, nevermind religion, what I am actually talking about is FAITH. I can’t imagine how you could live life devoid of faith, because in the absence of faith, life is just a random onslaugh of coincidental events that has no real meaning. Once again, that is just another way to say “luck”. Without faith, you live your entire life waiting to get “lucky”. If you have faith, in a God, or heck, maybe you have faith in the stale piece of cheetos staring at me on my desk, whatever it is, faith makes you believe that eventually you will come to a place of infinitely happines, where “randomness” and chance no longer takes effect, but that in this place, only happiness will prevail. I call it heaven, some people call it a cheesecake flavored ice cream with raspberry mix-in you can get at Cold-Stone. Whatever we think heaven is, it basically is a place where you wont have to worry about what will happen, and you wont have to wait for luck to strike. In this place, you are constantly lucky, and happiness is abound.

Not meaning to sound like a dork, but a lot of times I feel like I am in heaven already. I have a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend, and great friends. I am well educated, healthy, and a GREAT head of hair. Those things keeps me happy, most the time, if not all the time, and that’s my heaven. But then, I go to wellsfargo.com to look at my bank account and realize I only have like $100 bucks to pay my $20,000 debt, it makes me want to cry. Then on Monday morning I have to get my ass up at 6am to go slave myself doing someone elses work, it makes me even more sad. I guess in my life, there are still a couple of things I need to take care of before I am truly in heaven….

Speaking of which, back to the top, if I had a farm, my own house, my own land, my own chickens, and my own vegetable garden, shit… i’d be pretty happy… no bills.. no working for people doing things THEY want me to do… no wories about a crashing economy that could eventually leave me jobless and begging on the streets… nice.. ok.. so where do I start?? where how do I get to own a farm?? oh right… I have to work…

Ok then.. see you all in hell.. (now thats another topic)

too much

So thats not just a pretty flower to showcase my feminine side, its actually an invasive water primose called “Ludwigia” that we are currently studying at the Aquatic Weed Research lab that I work for. :lol: We’d go out to selected invaded sites and collect these little buggers by either walking into the water or paddling in with our kayaks. We then bring it home to our lab and seperate it and measure the biomass to try and understand the ecology of the plant. There are numerous other tedious tasks that we do revolving around this plant, however, it does not please me to go into details about those things.

I have begun the process of seeking a new job/hobby. Hobby? Yes, hobby. Being fresh out of college, with so many interest, and different talents, I find it absolutely necessary for me to give anything I am interested in a try. so when I apply for jobs, its not ONLY about making the bucks or developing a career, but its about trying something I like. Hence, its a hobby. I like working with computers, so I got that job at CompUSA, I like talking to people, so I got a job busing tables at Thai 2K, I like working with my hands, so I TRIED to get a job at jiffy-lube, but sadly they never even called me back. My main hobby/passion is ecology, so I did all those temp jobs working outdoors. They were all fun and extremely educational, but now I am interested in doing something sales related. I like to sell. I like convincing people to believe in my ideas, and thats exactly what sales is; getting people to believe in you.

I also want to make tons of money. I been feeling very underappreciated lately. With all my skills and experience, I deserve to get paid way more. There are so many people out there getting paid 2x to 3x the amount of money I make doing honest work, for doing almost nothing, and I am getting tired of it. I have alot of debt to pay off, and I need to start saving money for my future (ie. girlfriend). I dont care too much for fancy car or big house, but I do want to give my girlfriend a BMW, a fat diamond ring, and buy my parents a big home. I believe in myself. I know I have what it takes to be successful. Let’s hope I find a company that can appreciate that.