I am neurotic


Uyen told me I am neutoric, and its true. Here are all the neurotic characteristics that I have. (the picture is a result of the google image saerch “neurotic”, i am not sure how this picture relates to neurotic personality, but it is an awe inspiring painting) i don’t like the idea that I am neurotic, but these characteristics describes me so well. :x :

1. need for power, for control over others, for a facade of omnipotence.
2. a strong belief in one’s own rational powers.
3. The neurotic need for a partner, for someone who will take over one’s life.
4. the idea that love will solve all of one’s problems.
5. need for social recognition or prestige.
6. overwhelmingly concerned with appearances and popularity
7. fear being ignored, be thought plain, “uncool,” or “out of it.
8. devaluing anything they cannot be number one in
9. fear of being thought nobodies, unimportant and meaningless
10. attempts to make that person love them creates a clinginess and neediness that much more often than not results in the other person leaving the relationship