My Projects

My wife complains that I spend more time with my computer than her. It’s true. I am usually up until midnight cradling my macbook pro hammering away at one of my many projects.

How do I choose my projects? Just randomly… Whatever interests me at the moment, or whatever I think I can make a quick buck out of. Here is a list of a couple of things I am currently doing:

  • – Aside from, this is one of my most successful SEO, SERP experiments.
  • – Google Appengine blobstore image upload. Appengine is very slow….
  • – Another SEO/SERP experiment I am working on. It’s slowly climbing up the page, but it’s not going as fast as I would like.
  • – I was teaching my mom how to use the internet to watch Vietnamese movies. It was a frustrating process because many of the sites that aggregate Vietnamese movies also have tons of ads, including adult ads. Worst, most of them have sound ads that would play and she wouldn’t know how to turn it off. So I spent a couple of hours building this site: PhimWeb, using jQuery Mobile. It also aggregates Vietnamese movies, but there are no ads. Check it out! It is optimized for tablet devices such as the HP touchpad and the iPad. The navigation is also purposefully simple so that it is easier for non-computer users to navigate.
  • – A couple of friends and I helped organized an internet movement to restore truthiness. Our site made several appearances on Comedy Central and other mainstream media outlets.
  • Funny Quotes and Jokes – A facebook app for keeping track of your likes. By Trung.

I have many more projects. I am also on Github: – although most of my projects are private.

If you are someone who likes to stay up late fluttering the internet with your crap like I do — ping me. I like meeting ambitious people. Especially if you are a designer. I suck at designing…