Nobodys Hero


You know what’s strange.
On TV, in books, and in stories we always hear about these “heroes”. They are kind, loving, none discriminating, crime fighting, selfless people. They will go out of their way to save other people’s lives while putting their own lives at risk. They will always tell the truth even when the truth hurts them. In essence they all have great morals and values, because they show unconditional love and care to everyone around them, regardless of color, shape, or form. ( ie. everyone loves “the thing” ) even though he is a slab of rock.
But what is strange is that, no matter, how many “good” people we see on TV, people will still end up not being good people. People still discriminate on each other, they still lie, they still act selfish, and they still greed for money and power.
I just don’t get it. In a culture that idolizes heroes, no one acts like one.
I will continue with this thought later. Back to work! :roll: