is ambition a bad thing


Its funny, but sometimes I feel like having ambition is actually a bad thing. Somedays I feel like people are rewarded for being complacent, for following rules, and going with the flow. I don’t see myself being anything of those. I am no rebel, but I certainly don’t like to do things the “usual” way. People say don’t reinvent the wheel, but I say, why not. If no one re-invent the wheel, we would have never had rocket ships that takes us to the moon. I see myself as a visionary. It really annoys when I have to do things just because that how it is done normally.

  • bob

    Reinventing the wheel leads to rocket ships? I don’t see it. I’m an engineer and spending many hours and days on something that has already been done is very foolish

  • Matt f.

    ….bob took that statement way to literally. I completely agree. Ambition is basically just the desire to inflate your ego. The complete opposite of what we should be doing. Motivation and ambition are different. You can be motivated to create the best song you can or paint the best painting you can but when you start comparing it to others it becomes a matter of the ego and turns into ambition to be better than that person.

  • The C-Master

    I see what Matt is saying but I disagree. Ambition itself isn’t necessary about inflating your ego, but those who take ambition too far or use the wrong motivation, i.e jealousy, will have problems ever being satisfied, even when they achieve their goals. But being too complacent, lazy, and content is bad also. It’s good to find a balance.

    I always try to grow and be the best I can be, but I do it to overcome myself and to impress myself not to beat others. Even though I’m very far ahead in several areas, I’m satisfied everyday because I pushed past my previous self instead of setting my goals on trying to beat or impress others. It’s not what you do so much as why you do it.