What would MLK do?


Today is a national holiday celebrating Martin Luther King. If I owned a company, today would be a holiday. I have deep found respect for this man. I am very moved by his non-violence approach. And I am amazed by his ability to stand up against the forces of hate and prejudice. Yet, I often wonder “What would MLK do?”, just like, “What would Jesus do?”

What would MLK do about illegal immigration? What would MLK say about rappers endorsing violence, sexism, and gluttony in their music? What would MLK think about the rates of black on black crime? How would MLK feel about the social, and economic status of black Americans? And how would MLK feel about equality and racism in today’s society?

I think he’d be pretty pissed…Although his quest for equality is largely a success, I feel that his struggle for equality has been grossly taken for granted. The man gave his life to help people get a better life, but a lot of people are abusing that right and putting themselves back into the prison of poverty, lack of education, and ignorance.

God bless his soul. Hopefully in time, the full reality of his dreams of will realized. Hopefully one days all children will be able to play together. As of today, only a rare minority of Children can beat odds of self-oppression and come to the playing field. :roll: