vinhboy died


Yes VinhBoy died. My car, “VinhBoy”, or as Mike Pintor puts it, Vinh B “Hand” y, died. I really like that car even though it was a complete bucket. I learned how to drive stick in it, and I also learned how to do basic car maintenance on it, since it had loads of problems.
On Saturday I went to Hanlees in Davis and bought myself a Scion xA. The only reason why I bought the Scion is because of the “pure pricing”. I did not want to haggle with the car dealership, so this car was the most logical choice. In total I paid about $14,500 for my car, after taxes and everything. The features of the car, and the handling are pretty standard. No complaints about that. However when it comes to the gas mileage. My old 95 Honda Civic gets 40MPG, yet this new clunk of metal only gets 32MPG. I can’t believe. The whole time I was driving 65MPH, which is almost optimal gas mileage conditions, and I was mainly on the freeway. “Disappointment abound” I am hoping I will find out something cool to compensate for that lost. Also, I hear from Uyen that one of her friend bought the car last year for $12,000 with added features. Needless to say it pissed me off, and makes me question this whole “pure pricing” idea.
As for my old Honda, hopefully in time, I will be able to fix it up. Derek already suggested dropping a K20A in it, but I am thinking it want to keep it for myself and drop a B18 or B16. Zoom Zoom!! :P