Pope John Paul II


Amidst all the talk of Pope John Paul II becoming a saint, it is a cheerful reminder of the life and death of perhaps the greatest Catholic Pope that had ever lived. I remember when the Pope died, to me, it felt like the whole Catholic church died. I guess all the scandals that emerged from the Church made me very weary about the future of Catholicism.
Most of my life revolved around being Catholic. My earliest childhood memories are those of me going to church with my parents and participating in church youth groups. I did all the things Catholics were supposed to do, and I was even an alter boy for a couple of years. I never had the guts to join the choir though, that was where I drew the line. No, I was never abused. I actually enjoyed my Catholic upbringing very much, and I credit it for making me the person that I am today.
I have to admit, I was very surprised at the reaction Pope John Paul II received when he died. He moved a lot of people and had a great impact on the world. Perhaps now in heaven, he will look down on humanity with great compassion and sympathy. Then we will all live to worship another day. :wink: