Why Google should hire me

On the drive home from work, I came to the realization that if Google hired me, I could save them at least $60,000 a year.

Yup, thats right. $60,000 a year. Pay me $40,000 to mop the CEO’s floor, and they will still save $20,000…. Think about that!

I highly highly highly doubt that many Google employees, or any employees for that matter, can offer their company that sort of a return. Besides, if I can guarantee that sort of return, it would be stupid not to hire me…

I could go in details about how this is true, but then you wouldn’t believe me, so I won’t waste my time. But anyways, that’s just food for thought. :D

  • trung

    I hope Google will pay you.

  • Robot

    HAHAHA. I am a robot. HAHAHA. I have perfected the science of spelling words backwards. I have infiltrated your silly blog! HAHAHA. Now I will steal your Google job just like I will take all other human jobs. HAHAHA. All the humans will die and robots will rule the Earth! HAHAHA.

  • alon ben levy

    Hope you will succeed I’m trying too.

    I loved the "Spell the word "blog" backward…" idea! nice!