food and water

I keep wondering to myself how it possible that cities exists? Cities do not produce food and water, the two things that are absolutely necessary for human survival. In fact, cities produces toxins, waste, and tons of C02, which actually hurts our chances of survival. Yet, everyday cities grow bigger and farmland disappears.

It is really mind blowing to think that the wellbeing of civilization is largely dependent on a few farmers. Everyone else who is not a farmer, or not some how related to bringing food to the market, is theoretically producing nothing… including myself. In the last 23 years of my life, I have produced absolute nothing useful for my own survival. I am simply another helpless drone suckling nutrition from the nipples of society.

City dwellers are simply staging their own existence. We live in a perpetual circle of self-inflicted torture. Like a dog, we are always chasing our own tails… I spent like 30 mins writing why this is true, but then I realize it didn’t make any sense so I erased it. But you know, you really dont need me explain to you why your life is pointless. Just sit down one day and try to figure out why you wake up every morning to go to work… unless you are one of those sick people who enjoy your job and feel like you are making a difference in the world :wink: