Restless legs and arms syndrome

Some nights I cannot sleep because my arms and legs feel like its pulsating and it drives me nuts. I cannot describe the feeling to be honest, but pulsating is probably the closest to it. I guess another way to describe it is the feeling of being tied in a knot, or as if there were ants crawling up and down my arms. Regardless of what it feels like, the point is, it drives me nuts. I can not sleep and I have to get up and do jumping jacks or sits up in the middle of the night. Or sometimes I just twitch back and forth to make it go away.

It normally keeps me up for like 30 minutes then I can go back to sleep. In those thirty minutes it feels like hell. It almost feels like I want to just rip my arm or my leg off and toss it against the wall. I am having it right now, thats why I stopped sleeping and went to write in my blog.

I know there is a condition known as RLS and there is a drug for it, but I am not a doctor so I am not going to diagnose myself. If I was rich, or had good health insurance, I could go get it checked out. But even then its hard to figure out because it happens erratically. And drives me nuts!! :x

  • Ann

    RLS DOES drive you nuts. Totally. You don’t have to be rich to diagnose it, though. Simple criteria:

    1. Do you have weird, uncomfortable, and or painful sensations in legs, arms, or even another body part?

    2. Does it occur when at rest?

    3. Does it go away with movement?

    4. Is it worse in the evening?

    If yes to all, bingo. Check out sites like or or has a pretty good forum where you can read about what other people do – incuding a section on dealing with it without using pharmaceuticals.

    Oh, I’ve got it. Had it since I was a teenager. I can commiserate with you. . .

  • Ang

    I never knew I had RLS until I saw the commercial. I went to see a neurologist, but he was very hesitant to diagnose me with RLS. I know that’s what I have. I have all the symptons. Does anyone know of alternative medicine, besides Requip? I find Requip is too strong for me and makes me feel weird

  • jon

    hey I thought i was the only one in this world with this problem. So im lucky to see alot of people that have the same problem. I was wondering if anyone could help me with curing this thing and what should i call this if i were to ask a doctor. I never had this until a year ago, i might have some reasons why i have this but i dont think it caused it. i just want to figure a way to get rid of it because im sick of not sleeping for days. Please if someone could help me that would make things a little better. thanks

  • Kay_B

    Some people say its just in my head and a doctor said it was tets, which isnt even close to right. I have these weird feelings in my arms and legs,it feels like it right where my arms bend and my legs bend, so behind my elbows and knee caps. But the only way i knew how to explain the feeling was my nerves were hurting, which i think was the wrong way to try and explain to other people. But its not really pain. Its a constant thing but it increases when im upset or angry and its driving me crazy. I tap or shake my foot all the time cause i have to keep my legs going, its worse now in my legs than in my arms but when these feelings first started it was worse in my arms…Any ideas on what to do or what this may be???

  • Spearhead79

    I do not have RLS, to the best of my own knowledge, but every once and a while I get this feeling in my shoulder shockets and it is very hard to describe. It starts as a small "entity" in my shoulder and tingly as a son of a B***H, as it grows in intensity. Then it moves down my arm to my elbow and then goes back to a small tingle begging to be moved, just to biuld up to a crecendo moving to my elbow again until I move it, my arm that is, but as soon as I get comfy again, in any position, it starts up again. I have found, and this may help others with this, that at the first signs of it to stretch the crap out of your arms and a few push-ups never hurt, but this is only a small relief sense the last few times I have had symtems it has not work like before like your body learns the trick. Now I am a 28 year old male, so this next part may only work for males, but I have found that ejaculating, whether self enduced or w/a partner, has never failed me, at least. I am still searching for better remidies, so let me know if you have one.

  • dave

    I have restless arms at night and have felt like cutting them off at times I have found that instead of trying to fight off the feeling just a little thoughtfulness has made It go away. The second I feel it come on I wrap my arms in these ice packs I bought at walgeeens which I think are ankle ice wraps but they work perfect , and then I type on the computer for a few minutes and I’m all set to go to bed . Don’t try to fight it because you will lose every time. Just look at it as some alone time and don’t get stressed about it because that will make it worse. Also playing a little playstation helps if typing isn’t your thing

  • pamela frances

    I was driven crazy by restless leg – and later, restless arm movement.(I have other neurologicl/spinal problems) The only thing that helped was taking (over the counter)iron tablets – which I stopped taking when it solved the problem. Since it is now the middle of the night as I write this and I am ready to chop my arm off, I guess it is time to start back on the iron! Hope this helps some of you!

  • Joe

    I also have these problems legs and arms. And it’s the reason im up rite now. I’m fed up with not getting any sleep. I used to be able to get rid of it by doing isometric muscle contractions while I lay in bed that helped for a bit now it doesn’t. I been Getting up in the middle of the night to do jumping jacks and push-ups and it’s keeping my wife up now. It gets so bad I wish I didn’t need arms or legs I’d hack them off. I am awaiting a doctors appointment to to get med’s to deal with this crap. I’ll keep you posted on how it works for now I’m waiting on a percocet to do it’s magic so I can go back to sleep.

  • jeff

    I have this, it kicks in in my right legs and right arm just as I’m about to go to sleep. It comes in interval of about a minute, them I have to jerk my arm and legs and the cycle begins again, no chance of sleep.

    Last night I tried rubbing tiger balm over my leg and lower arm and it seemed to dull the sensation enough to get off to sleep

  • lisa

    i also experience these sensations in my arms and legs to the point where i cant sleep at night! my dr put me on mirapex.25mg 1 in the morning and 2 about 2hours before bed and it has worked great! i also tried requip but could not take it because it made me sick!

  • Bev

    I have just had spinal surgery( vert/disc, compression of a nerve root,pain down arm )surgery has been a huge relief, but can’t lye still enough in bed at night for more than a minute without wanting to constantly move arms & legs around.very frustrating & debilatating.I wonder if it is neurological based? If I come across a resolution I will post it.

  • jon

    i had the creepy feeling in my legs, but now mainly the arms. same symptoms usually before i go to bed. i feel like cutting them off!!! i have my girl friend massege my arms and that helps a little. i’ve noticed when i am stressed out is when it is the worst. whe i feel stress free i tend not to get the creepy feelings in my arms. is there an over the couter drug for this?

  • Kelli

    I have found that Benadryl, warm baths or ice, and some muscle cremes do help if you want over the counter or home remedies. Also some docs prescribe sleep aids or there are OTC sleep aids, but personally these just make me drowsy and allow the tingling to continue. I have found that I’m Iron deficient but not low enough to be anemic. My doctors have disagreed on whether someone must be anemic before Iron deficiency can cause symptoms, but I’m trying Iron supplements anyway to see what happens.

  • Skyler

    My Doc had me on Requip, which seemed to work for a couple of weeks. It made me feel sick a lot, but I still continued to take it anyway. After a few weeks I noticed rate was faster than normal and that the restlessness in my arms and legs lasted ALL DAY LONG. Now I have very little strength in my hands and I can feel my arms, legs, hands, and feet pulsate all day long. My fingers feel like they are twitching, but it doesn’t look like they are. My feet are the same way. THIS IS HELL!!! I’m going to try and take some iron pills, but as for right now I’m taking Tylenol #3 with codeine that I have left over from my last E.R. visit, to get some sleep. It’ doesn’t seem like I can get any creams or rubs to take the edge off long enough to get to sleep. Ice or cold packs work. . . until they start to warm back up or melt. I’m also worried about the connection between RLS and Parkinson’s.

  • Skyler

    I meant to say: "After a few weeks I noticed that my heart rate had become faster than normal and that the restlessness in my arms and legs lasted ALL DAY LONG."


    I recently began having restless arm syndrome and looked in our "Nutrition For
    Natural Healing" book written by Dr. Balch who is also a nutritionist. He said magnesium is a very important mineral because it relaxes the muscles and suggests taking 1,000 MG magnesium per day along with your calcium. He stresses that Calcium makes the muscles work, and magnesium makes them relax. Try it.

  • David

    I just experienced this for the first time in my life tonight, which like a lot of posters is the reason I am up right now writing this. Like most people it starts for me as a weak little tickle and builds up to this unbearable sensation behind the elbow. I truly thought I was going insane, and really wanted to break my elbows to make it go away.I have a past history of other sleep disorders associated with narcolepsy like Hypnagogic Hallucinations and Sleep Paralysis, and as awful and terrifying as they are, I’ll take them any day over this b.s. This is absolutely terrible and I can’t take it anymore, and it’s only my first night! I’m going to browse remedies till it passes, and then i’m seeing a sleep doctor.

  • Kris

    Yes it’s 4:21 am and here I am looking up about this over whelming feeling to put pressure on my arms and legs so this horrible feeling goes away and lets me sleep. Lately it is really bad , every night.I just had a quadruple by-pass in 2006 and then had 2 seperate cervical discectomies and fusions done this year, so I feel like even though I have survived these big hits on my health I can’t get back to being healthy without quality sleep. The one comment above mentioned magnesium and calcium and after my heart surgery my Dr. put me on it for awhile but then stopped it. Wish I could remember if I had this nerve feeling then?? So I think I will try that and I will let you know in a few weeks if it helps or not.

  • lea

    another sleepless night! I can:t stand this much more. I can;t controll my arms there is no pain i can not describe how it feels, only to say it wakes me up and keeps me up. I don;t know what to do about it. Help!!!!

  • Pamela

    I am so glad that I am not alone out there. I have the same problem as everyone on here. I think I am going to get some iron supplements tomorrow and see if that will help.

  • charlie

    hey,I have suffered with this for over 25 years,and I can tell you that doctors really don’t know what to do.Most times we seem to explain ourselves to doctors in ways that they do not understand therefore suffering there misunderstanding and diagnosis so we go on suffering and desperate to find a way to stop this crazy feeling that invades us.I can tell you that trough out my life I have smoked weed to help with this and it worked.10 years a go I had an accident that left me on morphine and some other pills.While I was on the pain medication I did not have the sensations in my arms and legs,but a month ago I stopped taking all of my meds and what would you know here I am again with this crazy muscle feeling in my arms and legs.I always wondered if others suffered like me and it is a relief to find out that there is.I don’t think that smoking weed is right and I won’t go and do it but it did work.I’m hopping that my doctor can help me without having to go trough hell with meds but in all honesty narcotic was the only thing that has ever worked for me to stop this.good luck to all of you and if I find a remedie I will share with you.

  • Gillian

    I have the same feeling that starts in my chest and moves down my left arm. It is very frustrating when you are trying to go to sleep and you feel like you have to just shake your arm. I am getting it more frequently now and more during the day. Are there foods that are high in magnesium?

  • Gillian

    I have the same feeling that starts in my chest and moves down my left arm. It is very frustrating when you are trying to go to sleep and you feel like you have to just shake your arm. I am getting it more frequently now and more during the day. Are there foods that are high in magnesium?

  • Mariko

    This just started happening to me, and I suspected it might have something to do with the calcium supplement I take an hour before going to bed. I suffer from TMD (temporomandibular disorder) and wear a mouth splint, but I was still waking up with sinus pain because of the jaw clenching. My TMJ doctor suggested I take calcium before bed, but now I wake up in the middle of the night with my left arm feeling creepy crawly. I usually have to put it in a weird position or squish it with my body to get the creepy sensation to abate. I’m going to stop taking the calcium at night or else load up on magnesium!

  • need sum sleep

    Man I know how all you guys feel. I’m up right now because of it and cant even fall asleep with my poor girlfriend…being only 18 i remeber this happenein briefly in my youth but within the past couple of months it has gotten worse. I’m into meditation and spiritualtiy and while they arent 100 percent effective practing meditations before bed do seem to help somewhat. My meditation guru also has suggested that fried foods and fatty acids are abid role considered they block blood flow and artieries. Also I will say this the mind is very powerful there has been a time or two where Ive willed myself to not experience it as crazy as it sounds, the more you dwell on it the worse it gets..but like i said I still suffer from it both in my legs and arms and its ridiculous…Vicodins do help them infact since i havent been able to see a doctor i have been self medicating myself..dangerous and very bad i know but the vicodins and any kind of pain reliver actually do pretty much make you sleepy and totally rid yourself of the feeling.Perhaps that isnt the saftest route but losing sleep isnt health either…also for any of you who are willing to try anything to help..which im sure you all are do yourselfs all a favor and practice alittle meditation and find a teacher or someone who knows of the practice called "raiki" like the word rake but with and "e" sound at the end..supposedly according to my guru this may greatly relieft the body of the indescriable feeling..if anyone else has any more ideas on how to help keep posting em

  • G to the P

    have "rls" since I was a kid. It went away for a long time. I had a baby no to long ago and it came back, recently with full force. I am going to try the iron pills change m diet to more green veggies and drink about 10x more water that I have been drinking. I will get back to you, hopefully with positive results. As for the drugs, save them til you have, with full throttle, done everything else possible, like eating more greens, iron, magnisium…etc, to your diet. Sure pills might solve this problem, but they will create another.

  • button799

    reading skyler’s comments. have you had your vitamin d level tested, blood test is for vitamin d level. had weakness in arms and legs and they buzzed and jumped all day long. vitamin d level was seriously low. dr. put me on 50000 iu vitamin d is helping greatly.

  • anniegops

    i too am suffering!! ive suffered with restless legs for years and never knew what it was until my mom mentioned she had it. recently ive had a back operation on a slipped disc and was prescribed strong painkillers but over the last 3-4 weeks ive started getting restless arms!! some nights im awake at 3am crying on the side of the bed wanting to cut my arms off for causing me such misery!! im so tired, i was just going to try and get 40 winks on the sofa but that creepy feeling showed up so ive decided against it. creepy is a good description but also it feels like little rat feet running up my tendons. i wake sometimes with my hands in claws, this cant go on, am going to try magnesium and have just orders some sleepy time tea.

  • Sarah in the UK

    Hi. I am so pleased I found this site, I thought I was imagining all my symptons, I think I need to go see my doctor now, enough is enough. It affects my whole body from my neck to my toes! Its hard to describe, it’s like an itchy sensation but from the inside, I need to stretch and then that’s not enough and my muscles feel alive all the time! This is only affecting me when I get into bed, it’s not everynight, I would say about 4 times a week, enough tho eh? My head/brain is tired, my body isn’t! Help!!!!!!!

  • stacy

    im in the same boat, my mother has always had it too . i only had it in my legs since i was a teenager but now that im 42 i just started having it in my arms and chest and i thought to myself surel y this isnt the same problem as my legs but the internet confirms it. im miserable, i took iron in the past for my legs and that helped but nothing seems to help my arms and chest including magnesium . abenadrl and calicium both cause my symptoms. i just rock myself on the couch until i fall asleep sitting up. sometimes its for 3 hours. and then i get to sleep 3 hours before i get up.

  • Matthew

    I’m 33 and RLS (and arms) has started to afflict me on a daily basis at night. I have not as of yet done anything about it, but I sense it is getting worse. Right now I can still go to the couch, twitch for a couple minutes, and get a good night’s sleep…but staying still in bed all night with my girlfriend? Good luck…it’s 4:53 am and I’m up for the day. Good thing I’m a lawyer and I actually can use the extra time at work lol. I haven’t tried any remedies yet but I know the feeling like you have to twitch.

  • Liz

    Im 51 and have (RLS) and arms and this effects me every night. It has got to the stage that I no longer go to bed with hubby because he works and is not getting the sleep with me jerking about all over the place. So I stay up all nite until he has gone to work and then i try and sleep.
    I was given requip by my dr which worked for a while and then made me violently sick, so I no longer take them. Been referred to a nero surgeon who has done an eeg and Im now awaiting results.

  • carrie

    Hi I am 34 I have been having restless leg for a while now and it has gotten worse. the only way I can explain it, is that it starts out like a small ball of energy and continues to get bigger the more i try to contain the twicthing it moves up into my arms and chest. i can’t sleep and i toss and turn until i can’t take it anymore, then i get out of bed and try to do some stretches that never helps I cry until I pass out from exhaustion. i went to the doctor and he says that i have an enlarged thyroid but it is functioning properly. I have been having palpatations very frequently and I am very scared. they want to do an ultra sound of my heart and give me a halter monitor. i was have the palpatations so much but they are slowing down now. I am scared and don’t feel very good. I have been sleeping alot with the meds they gave me but am in fear that if i stop the meds it will go back to the same thing and i hate that feeling. i feel like the lone ranger and was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem and if they can give me some solution the doctors maybe missing

  • Michelle

    When this starts up at night I take trazdone and stay up about 1/2 an hour then go to bed and I can make it through the rest of the night.

  • i ws just lettin everyone know that if your doctor ever tries to put you on butalb don’t ever accept it it gives you restless legs and arms so bad you just want to cut off you legs and really don’t know what to do it really sucks.

  • ktz

    I am a first time sufferer and feeling it terribly behind the elbow. I feel like I need to keep snapping my arms straight to get any relief, but I also realize I am under a great deal of stress. We are currently closing our business due to the awesome economy and the planets being aligned. As weird as it sounds, among the hustle of closing our shop and wrapping up loose ends we have neglected our routine life and its leaving me feeling out of sorts. Does anyone think that stress and lack of coitus have anything to do with it? Or just being in limbo emotionally could be a big factor?

  • Steph

    so I have been up reading all of these post trying to figure out what is wrong with me and I am having the same problems as the rest of you in my left arm. I have been trying to sleep for like past 2 hours and cannot and more than likely my arm will wake me up at 9 in the morning again. I cant take it!!.
    I get the light tingling feeling and my arm begins to pulsate and it feels heavy and restless. This is really a pain in the butt to deal with when you are trying to sleep.
    Another thing is that my mom has been diagnosed with RLS so im pretty sure its hereditary and I need some kinda of medicine.

  • .Liz

    lease help. does any one out there get the feelings described but in their tummy?I just can’t sit or lay still when I’m tired because of it, laying on the sofa at the end of the day is a thing of the past and its this awful ‘butterflies’ in my tummy sensation thats the problem. was prescribed a very low dose of anti-depressant ,it solved it for a while but think my body has become ‘used’ to it now and doesnt have as much effect. No one else mentions the butterfly, itchty tummy but I have to move my legs or whole body to alleviate it.

  • I have had restless leg since I had lower back surgery in 1978, after I had 4 neck surgeries, along came restless arm!! I find that when it attacks, and it does quite often, I have ice packs in the freezer, I apply directly to the area that is itching so badly, it freezes, and it goes to sleep for a few hours. I take Mirapex 1.5mg twice a day, that helps with the restless leg, however, everything they have tried for restless arm has not worked, until I found that ice does work!!

  • gladys

    I have the same all these people have, what should i do? My doctor told me that is the nerve caused me because i have problems in one of my disc. I do not know really what is the cause of these weird feeling in my legs and arms.
    Please i need help.

  • samantha

    i am going to go crazy…..actually, i thought i was going crazy, wanting to shove a knife in my arm. i have been trying to sleep for about 4 hours, but i cant because my arm is being all creepy crawly. i have tried everything short of meds to stop it but it wont go away. i have a 2 year old that i cant even play with anymore because im so sleepy from the mere 3 hours of sleep i get per night. please help!!!!!

  • Vi Nolla

    Wow! I didn’t know there were so many people with the same problem I have. I have heard people say they have rls, but not the kind that we all have where your arms, legs, body cannot keep still. If I try to stay as still as possible, it is even worse, the jerking is much more severe. One doctor prescribed lorazapan, but it doesn’t help.. I was given another medicine which I had to take three times a day, every day. First of all, I didn’t sleep the entire night for the two nights I did take it and, secondly, I don’t want to have to take meds for it everyday. I would like to find something that would ease them when it is happening. If anyone finds something that helps, I wish you would e-mail me. I am 72 years old and have enough other aches and pains. I can deal with them, but not with this. Tonight is about the third time this week and it is getting more often. Someone told me that it is caused by a lack of potassium. I don’t know. Good luck to all of us

  • Jim Dandy

    Caffeine had that effect on me. I would wake up at 1 or 3 AM. It would take an hour for the effect to wear off. Forget the drugs — and lay off caffeine after 12:00 Noon.

  • kev

    i moved from vancouver bc to waterloo ontario and now i get this same feeling i used to sleep like a rock it is a lot more humid here also the water is badly chlorinated so i have a water softner which uses salt and also a brita arg cant sleep


    I have the same thing where if I do too much of anything… too much sleep, too much of not enough sleep, too much activities… anything that would stress me out physically or even mentally, I would have the problem of wanting to jerk my arms and legs. I would also get real shakey and feel like a spaz. It use to get so bad that I had trouble standing, walking, and driving. If I tried to igore the urges, it would become very painfuI. So due to the pain, I was forced to move my limbs. It felt like I was lossing control and my limbs had a mind of their own. I thought I was going nuts. I even had thoughts of wanting to cut off my limbs because of the pain. Then I took some vitamin pills and it helped with the pain and the urges. And then after learning of RLS and what can trigger it, I stopped drinking anything that has caffeine. Now I hardly notice the urges.

  • crescent6666

    Liz, I have RLS (not diagnosed by a doctor yet, as I’ve never talked to them about it…but my dad has it and I have ALL the symptoms), and I get the butterflies, itchy feeling in my stomach. I had it last night in fact, along with the legs. So you are not the only one!

  • ron

    i drove a semi for a living until a few months ago .i would drive until i was fighting sleep then id hit a rest area an crawl back in my bunk knowing id fall right to sleep about ten minuites later id start getting these weird feelings in my arms an legs thats hard to explain . its like a tingling ball of energy running up an down my arms an into my chest .or ants crawling in your veins iwould toss an turn till it was time i had to roll or i would be late then 15 minuitesdown the road id be fighting sleep again im 48 yrs old and ive got back problems and arthiritis my doctor blames everything on pinched nerves in my back he prescribed me a pill called gabepentin theres times i think it helps but theres times it dont i was up till 4 am last night thats how i found this im not glad that others have this because it truly is miserable but it is a relief to know that my minds not going bad ha ha good luck guys if i get a answer ill be back with it

  • Alicia

    It is a little after 9pm and I am worried about going to bed soon. Worried about sleep? Yes. I am worried because I know that sometime in the night I will be awakened with severe sensations in my right arm that will stress me out. I was in a hot bath @ 4am last night as a last ditch effort to get the suffering to end. The docs have diagnosed me with RLS and gave me a couple of different meds but they did not work or if they did I was not aware because I could not sleep while taking them. they kept me awake, that makes no sense. The sensations start in my hand so I shake and shake it….. them it moves upward to my arm,,,,, It is so severe that I would cry if I thought it would make it better, I actually feel like screaming, but that would just make me more miserable. I walked up and down the stairs last night swinging my arms over my head hoping that getting some better circulation would help. I will try the magnesium approach.

  • Grace

    I too have this horrible condition. it is so hard to explain to people. My arms and legs get the sensation and it almost pushes me to the point of suicide. last December the condition got so severe one night i ended up in the hospital screaming and uncontrollable movements until the doctor put me in a sleep induced coma on a ventilator. the ER staff thought I was crazy. It getting worse and from research i find there is no cure.

  • Gary

    I have this and use carbidopa-levodopa (SINEMET®) Tablets.
    I started using one in the evening, then 2, now 3 and sometimes an extra during the night. They make me drowsy so I have to take a caffien pill when driving. This is the only way I can stand flying on a plane. I take one 1/2 hour before boarding and one as soon as I board and usually am fine for the entire flight. They take about 1/2 to take effect but I don’t think I could live without them. On my insurance plan it doesn’t matter if I get 30, 60, 90 or 120 it’s the same price of $15 for the generic carbidopa-levodopa.

  • I had all the strange sensations in my legs that everyone is talking about . It started about 3 years ago every so often with the crawling feeling in my legs where you try and message it away. Always late in the evening when I was getting tired and ready to go to sleep. Then it became more frequent till it was every night. Next it started waking me up and it was full blown pain up and down both legs. The only relief was to hit my legs all over. It would keep me up sometimes like an hour and a half. One night was so bad I went on the computer and goggled severe restless leg syndrome. I got onto some website that was a lot like this one but I came up with a remedy that works for me. It’s a crazy thing but for me it really works. I thought it was an insane idea but thought what do I have to lose by giving it a shot. So I went to bed with a small bar of soap between the mattress and the sheet down by my legs. I woke up in the morning and couldn’t believe that I had fallen asleep that quickly. Actually I had to check for the soap because I thought I had dreamed up the whole idea. There was even a doctor on the site who said he had patients that told him they used the soap and for some strange reason it works, he had no idea why it does. I’ve been doing this for about a year and about 3 times I’ve had to change it. If suddenly the pain returns change the soap even if it’s in the middle of the night. No particular soap is needed, I use the small hotel size bar. My son works with a young lady who told him she was tired all the time because of RLS and he shared the soap secret with her. She couldn’t thank him enough, it’s worked for her for the past 6 months. You can google RLS and soap, it does come up. Just give it a try, maybe you’ll be surprised. Pleasant Dreams! I don’t know if it will work for arms.

  • Kim

    I have this periodically, and I really think for me it’s stress related. I’ve read online that Hawthorn Berry has worked for some people. I picked some up from the vitamin section at our local store but haven’t tried it yet. Just thought I’d let you know though as some of you may want to give it a go.

  • Cheryl

    I was diagnosed with RLS last summer for my legs, put on 1.0mg Mirapex. All was well, ended up having 2 surgeries in August for ruptured discs in lower back. Now my legs are doing great with the Mirapex but now my arms are driving me INSANE. I am going in for another back surgery tomorrow, so hopefully the restless arms will go away. If it doesn’t I truly believe they will have to put me in a white coat. There is no other horrible feeling than dreading going to bed at night because you know what is going to happen within 30 minutes.

  • Sara

    It happened to me again last night! In my arms, Sometimes it happens in my legs but mostly my arms these days. I can’t sleep and sometimes have go to work without any sleep. It SUCKS! I went to a concert in MLPS last night and was so tired all the way home, I figured I would fall right to sleep, but nope, was up all night, tossing and turning. I squeeze it, pinch it lay on it, try not to think of it. NOTHING works! I could just cry when this happens, I am going to try iron, which no one ever came back and said it works. I don’t want no crazy drugs from the doctor quite yet. I Feel bad for my boyfriend too…I kept him up a few times. Maybe the doc will give out percocet…now that’d be nice.

  • Rocket

    THIS SUCKS. This is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve felt in a long time. This it what your body feels like when you’re going through opiate withdrawal. I’ve done it a few times. It came out of nowhere (no drug withadrawal), and is keeping me awake well into the morning. I decided to have a couple hits of pot, and all of the horrible restless feelings went away. I highly recommend it.

    Two hits of hits of pot. That’s all it takes.

    And Michigan just legalized medicinal marijuana. Hmmm…

  • Andrew Warden

    Its so good to find out Im not the only person in the world with this problem. I have the RLS with my arms, so I guess you call it RAS!! the only thing that helps me is push-ups untill my arms go weak. I find its best to just get straight up once the feeling starts and just do push-ups, and keep doing them untill I cant hold my own body weight, then get back into bed and lie on my back and relax. I usually fall back asleep and its all good. I would love to be able to just take a pill and that would be that, I think I’ll take a trip to the doctors now I have a name for what is happening to my arms!!! thank you people!

  • nicole

    It’s 1 a.m & here I am…This is the most horroble feeling ever..not being able to control the feeling in your own body I cant smoke the pot, wish i could just quit though Noone has come back with the reaults on the iron deficiency eiher it works and they arent waking up at night or its not working. I dont drink caffeine except for coffee in the morning so it cant be that. Ive tried to take hot showers and put on sweats after that, (its for my legs) seems to help but it could be my imagination though. The arm thing is new it used too be just in my legs.Cant take this feeling anymore Im off to the shower!!! Wish me luck.

  • nicole

    ok so Im back, I took the iron pill (since I had 1) and less than an hour later it seems to b working, I dont know if its just worn off on its own but the feeling has subsided

  • Mandy

    I am reading this and finding some comfort to know that i am not the only one with this. I am having the creepy feeling in my left arm and leg. Its not tingily rather it is like just strange not sure how to describe it. But does any one get it only on one side?its only my left side and sometimes i get a headache also that kinda feels creepy and tingly. anyone have this/ could rls affect only one side(left leg and left arm)??? it also seems to be worse if i had a coffee in the morning? sound familiar??

  • steph

    i only have it on my left side too i have been going to doctors after doctorsand nnone of them can tell me nothing its been like this for two years already its driving me nuts so bad i just want to cut it off i dont sleep at all im just so tired all the time

  • Mandy

    it now has starting involving the creepy feeling in my chest…i am so frusterated…went to a chiropractor and he said maybe nerve related….its not everyday i dont know whats going on does urs last all day

  • Darla

    I’ve had RLS for awhile and now It is starting in my arms. Has anyone ever noticed that when they eat the symptoms go away temporarily.[ only while you are eating] I have also found that Tramadol helps too.

  • yogi

    I have found one thing that eoes seem to aggravate RLS symptoms, which is sugar. I would highly recommend cutting it out or way back in your diet and see if that helps. At the very least, try not eating any in the evening before bed. Things like Neurontin and Clonozapm or Diazapam do work for alot of folks, but you cannot take any of the “pams” on a regular basis, because they are addictive narcotics.

  • yogi

    I have had RLS (self diagnosed) for years. It runs in my family. I have found one thing that does seem to aggravate RLS symptoms, which is sugar. I would highly recommend cutting it out or way back in your diet and see if that helps. At the very least, try not eating any in the evening before bed. Things like Neurontin and Clonozapm or Diazapam do work for alot of folks, but you cannot take any of the “pams” on a regular basis, because they are addictive narcotics.

  • Lisa

    For about 6 months now I have been dealing (and not very well) with restlessness in my right arm, at first I thought I was having a stroke! Does the iron really help because if it does I will start taking it right now. I can’t describe the feeling other than I can’t get it to relax, it is like my arm has a mind of its own and does not want to go to sleep! Any helpful advise other than the iron would be great, I can’t miss another day of work because I was up all night:(

  • Steve

    I m so thankful to read this entire page as I, like the rest of you, are doing it as I am suffering from it right now. Mine is only my arms, never had the issue with my legs. Please continue to blog what has helped you. I know I m gonna start trying the iron and magnesium bits immediately. As for me, I had some tramodol leftover from an old incident and it helps me greatly, but if I am without it,it seems that i have at least some degree of difficulty with this EVERY NIGHT!!! Showers, push ups and jumpin jacks do not seem to work for me…….i simply have to suck it up for an hour or so and occupy myself somewhere else and then get back to sleep. But it is killing my sleep almost nightly now:( Any other solutions out there????

  • kelly

    so glad i am not crazy. just left the doctor after 3 nights of no sleep! Been on requip for 2 years and worked great but all of the sudden stopped working! I specifically asked the doctor if being anemic had any anything to do with it and he said no. I went to my OB doctor last week and he had said I was severly anemic so thats why I asked. Doctors never know the answer so I am so glad to see there might be the simple solution of taking iron!!! Going to try it right now!!!!

  • Marcia

    I had RLS for years and got relief from Requip but all of a sudden it isn’t working, plus now my arms are bothering me as well as my legs. This is a first. I’m so frustrated that after about 5 years of relief, I seem to be back to “Page one” with my symptoms. At first my legs just bothered me at night, now it can come on any time during the day. The only relief I get is walking, which is fine unless it’s 2:00 in the morning. I know if I double up on the Requip, it will help, but I’m not sure this is the best thing to do. It really is a curse.

  • jane

    Help i dont know whats wrong with me i feel so loopy like i just need something or someone to stretch me in half my arms feel like spaghetti noodles and my legs i hve to keep stretching for relief it started about two weeks ago getting worse. I was diagnosed with synivitis (buildup of my synovial fluid in left hand) work related, but now my body is doing this. I thought at first i wasnt getting enough exercise since ive been off work, but i cant describe the feeling i have to wiggle and stretch for about an hour before i can fall asleep, and my wrists feel like they have needles in them does anyone else hve shp pangs once in a while in their wrists. I had hardly any sleep last night and i feel like beating on my arms and legs. I dont know how to get any relief from it

  • jane

    i dont know how to live a normal life because when this happens i cant sleep and then im tired all day. I feel like i could walk to texas and back for relief but that would be a very long walk. My husband says to let go and just go with it, but I cant, its such a frustrating feeling. I literally lay on the floor smacking my arms and legs up and down for relief, but it never really goes away. I feel like im going crazy. Im so thankful I found this site.

  • Marie

    I just got up tonight because of this same problem, only it doesn’t seem to be in my legs at all just my arms. I have to twist and contort them while over-flexing the muscles for them to feel normal, then after I stop doing it the sensation returns. It’s true there’s really no way to describe it. From what I’ve read everyone has their own way of putting it. Best description I can come up with is it feels like when you stand in a door way and press your hands hard against the frame for a few minutes and then relax, and your arms feel like they’re floating up in the air. I had to get up and punch the air and do push-ups. I find though the feeling is not only in my arms but moving into my chest; as well, I have heartburn. Could be related or I might just have heartburn, who knows. Anyways, I feel your pain. This is the first time I’ve experienced it and it scared me so I got up and researched it. Most articles I read said the sensations start between 10 P.M. and 4 A.M., with the worst sensations being felt just shortly after midnight, and I woke up from it just before 1 A.M. Thank goodness for the internet, or I’d be driving myself nuts trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me.

  • Holly

    I have had restless arms/neck/back for the past three nights and on other nights few and far between. Not sure why I get it but if I just sleep on the floor I go right to sleep. I don’t even bother twitching around in bed anymore I just move my pillow and a blanket onto the floor and I can sleep fine. Strange!

  • Traci

    I’ve experienced the “tingling and reselessness” in my arms, and other areas of my body for years. I’m 32 years old and for a while, in my late 20’s, I took asprin. Not Tylenol or Motrin, only asprin would work. My doctor said that I could take two regular strength , but I had started taking four! It doesn’t work anymore and this terrible feeling will destroy me if I don’t find some relief! Vicodin and other narcotics, of course, take it away, but the doctors don’t want to write ongoing prescriptions for these…not to mention, they treat me like I’m an addict. I’ve never had a drug addiction, I’m a non smoker, and I don’t drink. I would not ask for these if I didn’t need it to sleep! I have a full time job and three small children…I have to rest! It has put strains on my job, my marriage, and my sanity! I’m sorry that other people are suffering with this, but I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only one! I’m healthy otherwise and have tried many different “remedies”. Nothing works except for the strong pain meds and I can’t get a doctor to recognize this as a “pain” situation. I would rather HURT! I could manage pain, but that crawling feeling and static feeling is going to make me hurt myself!!! All I can say to everyone else going through this is that muscle relaxers, excercise, cutting out caffine, lorazepam, neurontin, amitriptaline, and trazadone did not work for me at all…among a few other things. If someone has this every night and has truly found relief from something else, please respond! Thanks!

  • michelle

    the first time i had this wierd extremely uncomfortable feeling in my arms i had taken tylenol pm so i figured thats what had made me feel this way. i said to myself i will never take that again.the other night i had a huge headache and took some advil which ive taken many times before and it happened again i thought it was the med but its now been happening for the last 3 nights. this feeling happens only when i lay down to sleep it hadnt happen for a while but for the last 3 nights its gotten to a point where i cannot sleep and crying becuase its very frustrating. could this be rls? its not tingleling nor its painful its just very wierd i cant get comfortable i have to sit up and stretch and shake my arms. is this rls? does anyone else out there feel the same ?

  • Joseph

    Ive had the same problem, but I have found if I take over the counter potassium every day the problem goes away. But if I quit taking the potassium the problem will come back. If you try this ideal make sure you take the potassium for a few weeks before you judge weather it is working or not. Good luck.

  • michelle lopez

    thank you :0)

  • Amanda

    Thank God for this site! I have been having this same problem for about 3 years. I am a 28 year old female. It’s crazy to hear everyone describing my symptoms. I too thought I was going crazy. My family and ER doctors thought the same thing. It’s so hard to explain the terrible feeling I get in my arms and legs. I try to take my mind off of it but to no avail. I too have felt like cutting my arms and legs off and wondered if I would be able to handle the pain if it happened again. During the pain I take whatever I can get my hands on to try to make it stop. Last night I think I took to much, but it feels like it’s coming back. I am on a fentnyl (strong opiod) pain patch for disc problems in back and neck. My doctor seems to think it may have something to do with that, but I’m not so sure. I just want it to stop. Whatever it takes. This is the worst feeling imaginable.

  • Leslie

    My mother has RLS and has been keeping it under control with medicine. I have, on occasion, had symptoms but recently it has gotten worse and happens more frequently (it’s 2 in the morning, can you guess why I’m up??). For me it feels like my arm is about to go to sleep but it’s constant. I’ve taken some advil, will let everyone know how that fares! :) good luck to all of you, as well.

  • Robert

    This is a great site. I thought it was only me feeling this way. Thanks for the advice: ice pack, iron vitamins
    and potassium. I picked them up today.But here I sit with an ice pack on my right shoulder trying to get some sleep.
    I’ve taken another half ambient. Hopes it kicks in soon.

  • Jenn

    Omgosh I am so glad I am not alone, I have been to the doctors every month for a year. They have sent me to nuro. surgeons(sorry for the misspell, I am exhausted from no sleep 2:30 am), and more. I do have nerve damage and torn disk in my back but this arm crap only started a year or so ago. My doctor finally put me on Zanaflex 8mg a night at bedtime, it seemed to help for a few months now I am right back where I started. I too like most of you want to just cut my arm off, I cant stand it. Tonight its only in my left arm, but most nights its in both arms, I sit and rock, throw my arms up and down, thrash them on the couch or bed, pinch my arms, rub them, you name it nothing makes it go away. The only relief I get is sitting up and getting on the computer for a few but as soon as I lay down it starts all over again. Its been so bad lately I have almost went to the hospital because I couldnt take it anymore. I think my doctor thinks I am nuts because he has never once mentioned RLS, now that I have read this, my next appointment on the 18th I am going tell him this. Why is it we can come on the internet and someone what figure out what we may have and we can go to a doctor and they have the first clue. Oh well, just glad to hear I am not alone and not crazy, cause when I tell people they look at me as if I am nuts. best of luck to all of you

  • tim

    this really SUCKS i cannot sleap my right arm is driving me nuts this started a few months ago off and on but lately its almost every night i thought this was only in the legs but after reading yalls comments i gots the rls in my arm and thats why im up at 3:15 am writing this i want to break my arm but that will prolly make it worse cause then forsure i wont be able to move it ima see a doc about this cause its BS i am tired but my arm isnt and i feel wierd during the day cause i didnt sleap and in the morning ill take this diet pill to get energy and get me through the day then i feel paranoid like people can tell i not been asleap and i must be on drugs cause i feel like i look like a zombie lol from all the lack of sleap and when i tell someone about this rls crap in my arm they look at me like i am nutts

  • che

    i am only 16 and i think i have restless arm syndrome. is that normal? it keeps me up at night and i want to cut off my left arm! i tried ice packs but that doesnt help.

  • Becky

    I had surgery on my ankle a month ago, and I was positioned on my left side for 3 hours under anesthesia. Since then, my ankle is fine, but my left arm (which I was lying on during anesthesia) becomes restless at night to the point that I want to cut it off- just like so many of the other posts say! I thought I was alone with this arm thing, but I guess not. It’s effecting my sleep now, and I’m not sure how to talk to my doctor about it.

  • Lynn

    I recently got off 9 years of Paxil, and that’s when mine started. Legs, arms (mostly left one), and in my shoulder blade area on the left. Definitely worse with more caffeine. I had 2 cups instead of 1 this morning and I feel it today. Definitely seems worse with stress, too. There is something in vitamin stores called GABA that helps me. Tylenol also helps, but I think that’s cuz it always makes me drowsy. Potassium has helped at times, when I was at my worst. Magnesium is good for relaxing before bed, too. Interesting about the iron cuz I just had Aunt Flo and I am feeling worse. Thanks. I’ll try some!

  • echo

    i stretch my arms constantly under the pillows and under my partners head. i move all over the bed and have even woken up under the mattress. what the hell is wrong with me? any ideas, please help. ive been doing this all my life when im awake or asleep.

  • Tracy

    Thank goodness for internet blogs! I had heard of RLS before but was under the impression that it was involuntary movements of the legs while asleep. I only started getting this in my arm about two years ago. It has been fortunately infrequent and has only happened a few times. But if you have ever had it happen, you will never forget. What I feel is not an involuntary movement but an overwhelming need to move the arm. It is never comfortable in any position so I have to keep readjusting it, desperately TRYING to get it comfortable enough to allow me to fall asleep. Impossible!
    The last time I had it happen was a few weeks ago. It really scares me because it usually occurs in my left arm and shoulder. So, always in the back of my mind, was the thought that I was having a heart attack. I truly believe that stress makes it worse but when it happens you cannot help but be stressed. I worry about keeping my boyfriend awake with it and I think that he was wondering if it was heart related also. It makes you feel like you are going crazy, anxious, restless and for me I am on the verge of tears because I cannot make it go away, cannot sleep and worry about some unknown heart issue. Maybe knowing that it is a condition that others are afflicted with also and knowing I am NOT having a heart attack will take some of the fear out of it.
    I wonder about the iron deficiency as I was borderline anemic most of my life (never experienced it) and my doctor recently told me that I had too much iron in my blood now and not to take suppliments anymore. She put me on Magnesium for sleep, but I had stopped taking it a week or two before I had my last episode.
    It is the middle of the afternoon and my arm feels crawly now. I took some Magnesium and hopefully it will subside soon. It is much worse when trying to fall asleep. I think the blogger that called it “Creepy Crawly” was the best description. It can be a little painful and very uncomfortable. Unsettling is a decent description because of the fear it instills, not knowing what you are experiencing.
    Question: Does anyone else have muscle pain in joint areas when this happens? Could it be not only stress induced but activity related? Possibly overdoing it the day before it happens? Thank you to all the bloggers as now I know I am not the only “crazy” one.

  • Zee

    I have had restless hands (and now arms) at night for a couple of years now. Yes it is a very annoying creepy crawly feeling. My worst episode was just last night. I shake my hands and arms or try to flatten them under the pillow but nothing helps. This episode lasted longer than usual (at least 3 1/2 hours) so I had to finally take a valium to get to sleep. It never happens during the day. I wake up every morning with trigger finger in some of my fingers and a couple are even locked up at the knuckles. I know I clench my hands and teeth at night. When I awake in the morning my fingers on one hand are double the size of the other hand and very painful. It looks like I went a few rounds with Mohammad Ali. I have been taking Paxil for 10 years and have currently weened from 80mgs to 60mgs to 40mgs in a period of 6 months. I stopped taking calcium at night a couple of years ago and after reading all the blogs I think my problem is related to lack of calcium. I read we should take magnesium separate from calcium. Mag during the day and cal at night because it relaxes the entire body. I cannot believe how many of you suffer from the same problem. I felt so alone because none of my friends or coworkers ever heard of this. They think I am crazy. Thank you all for all the information. Sometimes you learn more from people who go through the same problem than from any doctor. Any more advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks

  • jean

    I have the same thing and it is now in my arms. I am losing my mind! So far the only thing that definitely takes it away for me is percocet. Otherwise I just walk or beat on my legs and arms. I read the part about eating relieving it but only while you are eating. I find this is true. The thing that totally destroys me is it will start on one side and once I get it settled down by pounding on arm or leg, the other side starts up and sometimes it ends up on both sides at the same time. I also feel a nervous panic in my stomach and some nausea. Tramadol does nothing except take thedge off my pain frombmy fibromyalgia. I too wish I could just cut off my arms and legs or just end it all. I am trying to convince my Dr. To give me a regular script for percocet but he is very hesitant because of the addiction thing. But aren’t all drugs addictive in their own way since you can’t stop taking them without getting withdrawals and sometimes you have to increase the dose and some of the new drugs have side affects much worse than any narcotic. Anyway, I wish all of you luck in your search for the answer. It’s almost 1am and I am still trying to get rid of my RLS/RAS for the night. Thanks for all of the ideas!

  • Kieran

    I have had restless arm syndrome for many years now
    and believe me there is no common cure.
    Everything is fine until I go to bed and within 30 minutes I get the nasty sensations that keep me awake.
    I have found that the hot weather does not help and causes more attacks.

    Ok so what do I do to stop the attacks when they happen.

    Firstly I rinse my arms with cold water for about 5 minutes.
    This sometimes works great and I can get to sleep almost immediately.
    If not I rinse my arms again.
    If after the second application of cold water does not work I take 2 paracetamol and rinse my arms again.
    I know rinsing your arms in cold water sounds uncomfortable but the sensation in your arms is worse.

    Good luck!

  • katie single-mom

    I’m really frustrated right now. Lastnight, like everynight this week, I attempted to go to bed at 10, and almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, the weird tightening, aching, tingling feeling started in my arms. For the life of me I could not get it to go away. I squished them under my body, i massaged them. Then, it got so bad I was just jerking them out straight and swinging them around like a crazy person lol. I was up until 2:30am, then all of a sudden it stopped just long enough to go to sleep. I’m a 20 year old single mom with a very active 1 year old. I can’t afford to do this anymore. I’ve been having nerve issues from a 10 ft fall in December, but nothing like this. I’ve been anemic in the past and I have some iron pills left over from having my daughter,so I’m going to try that. I’m still having the weird sensation right now and its 10:30am. I’m so glad I decided to look up this problem, and find this site. Thanks for all the advice!

  • Maseeh

    Well i was told that my resltlessness and irritabile feeling is caused by my pulse.Sometimes your puslse is slow and fast this causes an imbalance between your organs and you heartbeat which causes the restlessness.Im busy seeing a holistic healer who specialises in Tibb (Prophetic medication) he is busy treating me.You need medication to sooth the nerves and something to help your body work systematically again.
    E-mail me if you want more info

  • Margie

    Benadryl has always caused me to have RLS. Ativan relieves the RLS. Since suffering a stroke in July, I am now experiencing RAS on the affected side.

  • T

    I have had RLS for over 10 years. I take REquip every night about 30 minutes before I go to bed and it usually works. The infrequent side affects of sweating and slight nausia are easier to deal with then the RLS. I suggest to anyone to try taking REQuip in small amoutns (25-50 mg) and slowly increase until you find your amount to help. I take 100 mg which works about 90% of time…Good Luck to all..

  • Mary

    For those of you talking about chest pain too and high blood pressure and anxiety, etc., have your calcium and thyroid levels checked. Hyperparathyroidism and hypothyroidism can cause restless arms particularly (at least for me more than legs). I got the hyperparathyroidism taken care of, which made the problem go away, but the surgery caused hypothryoidism, and my restless arms are back. Sigh.

  • mmkg

    so relieved to realise that i am not the only one with this horrible creepy crawly feeling that started in my legs only then my arms and now my chest palpitations and slight breathlessness was beginning to worry about m y chest until i read that someone has a restless chest does anyone have palpitations and shortness of breath

  • DJ

    As all of you I have been dealing with this restless feeling in my right arm and both legs. I do take magnesium which helps but I still get it. Bio-freeze seems to alleviate it for me so I can go back to sleep.

  • nicky

    i had restless legs and now suffer with it all over from the neck down and its driving me crazy im sure i am going to dislacate something one day because i twist my arms and wrists and legs so much to try and get rid of it and it doesnt work any ideas please

  • lisa

    Walgreens sells a pill called restless legs-its $6 a bottle and it is amazing. They instantly dissolve and as soon as you take them they work! I think I would be so lost if they ever stopped selling these.

  • Carlie

    yes! not painful or tinglingly, just uncomfortable like my arms drank a lot of caffeine. i’m exhausted but my arms aren’t. Used to be very mild where i could just lay on my arms and fall asleep but has gotten worse and will keep me tossing and turning all night cuz i can’t get comfortable due to the arms. Thanks for sharing, everyone…now i know its not just my imagination.

  • Paul

    Talk to your doctor about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Your symptons mirror mine, and then I had the operation on my C Tunnels, and fixed. I sleep like a baby for the first time in years.

  • Nickyloopy

    help!!! has any1 got any quick remedy for this?? its driving me crazy, i have it constantly all nite long, i just have to keep moving, drs are no help, they say im aneimic but my levels are fine???work that one out!! then they said take nurofen… dont waste ur money people!! i am at my witts end with this!!!


    Very interesting seeing I tried this technique right before I came here!!!! I just want to sleep!

  • Name

    thank god i found this blog.. i thought i was crazy. first night i woke up and my ARM felt funny i thought maybe i slept on my arm and i was stoping my blood flow.. second night it was my left arm and left leg..its my 3rd night been up haven’t gone to bed. i tried but couldn’t…its 8 in the morning and i had this feeling in my arm n leg since 3 am.. it doesn’t hurt… it just anoying.. its a funny feeling.. tingling but not quite.. its hard to explain all i no its keeping me up… i also have a thyroid condition so wondering if the 2 are linked?… some help please I’m 18th about to start college n i can’t sleep at night. I’m worried that it will affect me when i start school.

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  • Susan Seithel

    OMG! I feel like I have found my tribe! I’ve been calling these awful symptoms “anxiety attacks” for lack of a better term. But I’m not having anxiety. I’m usually sleeping, or trying to go to sleep when they hit. YES! Laying on my arms and doing sit ups, jumping jacks, slinging my arms around, anything to make it stop!

    Thank you all so much for posting here. Now I know where to begin, anyway!! Susan (46)

  • Susan Seithel

    I just found this site yesterday. I began having restless upper body issues when I developed a heart arrhythmia. I didn’t make the connection at first. So what you may be experiencing is a fast heart beat or missed/skipped beats. See a cardiologist.

    My mother had restless legs for years. Hers passed with menopause, but she has learned about many things that work. High doses of Magnesium can help IN THE MOMENT when you need it most. I’m going to buy some tomorrow.

    Here are her 2 AM suggestions to me:

    “my rls went away when I took large doses of vitamins/minerals with iron.
    2:04 AM You have to take plenty of magnesium to keep from getting constipated. And you can buy iron supplements that will not constipate.
    2:05 AM Also magnesium and potassium are very important
    2:06 AM Eating lots of Romaine and spinach help. And carrots, etc.
    2:08 AM Cut way back on sugar and caffeine and chocolate.
    2:09 AM Take large doses of Vit-D and Omega 3.
    2:10 AM Drink enough water to float a battle ship but be sure it is not chlorinated.
    2:12 AM Rub down with Rubbing Alcohol or try Tiger Balm.
    2:14 AM put a bar of soap in bed with you under the sheet. (Not sure about this one!)
    2:15 AM try meditation, yoga, and Taiki. Don’t fight, it-talk to it to calm it. (Personally, I don’t want it to calm down. I want it to die!)
    2:16 AM Smoke pot and have sex. lol :)
    2:19 AM WARNING: Do not take Requip, Benedryl, or Butalb
    2:20 AM try to avoid prescriptions if you can.”

    I going to try to increase my vitamin/mineral intake. I take pain medication, and the opiates help get rid of the sensation. So does muscle relaxer, and anti-anxiety medication. But I really want to give my body what it needs to stop having the symptoms.

    Good Luck!

  • Mjeling66

    omg. I thought I was nuts! My left arm does the same thing as katie. It feels like there is energy or something going up thru my shoulder, chest and down my arm. All of a sudden my arm will just jerk around and swing thru the air. I’m so tired and need to sleep but when this happens there’s going to be no sleep at all. I’m anemi and take iron pills but they don’t seem to help. Trying to explain this to a dr is next to impossible!!

  • alice

    jean—-to get rid of fibromyalgia, buy the book ”the yeast connection”. stay away from breads and sweets and cereals for a few weeks. eat eggs or fish for breakfast instead. nystatin type drug helps and if you have a healh foor store nearby , get grapefruit seed extract capsules or candida overun of yeast in body is causing fibro. if u can be strict with diet a few weeks you will get better.antibiotis can cause this problem and probiotis should be used afterthem.i use egual for sugar in coffee etc.pass this on to any fibro sufferes. —


    this is driving me crazy. its now 2.30am and i cant sleep with the horrible feeling in my legs. ive been up doing sit ups;jogging on the spot but noyhing is working. have rls for awhile but has got worse the last 2 weeks, the ironic thing is i go 2 bed knackered cos i am on sleeping tablets. dont know wot to do

  • Ginnybeldam

    I too have erratic bouts of leg and arm restlessness. It too drives me NUTS. Last night I thought I was going insane, just arms achy and twitching. I wanted to cut them off like you said also. Getting out of bed and putting anti-inflamatory cream on them, taking two Tylenol did not help much. I went to bed early to get a good night sleep, but this achy feeling kept me awake the whole bloody night. I’m not a doctor either but I’m sure it has something to do with the nervous system, like an occasional faulty wire not totally connecting. Will check with my Dr. to find out what the hell I can do or take to end sleepless nights caused by achy, twitchy arms.

  • asmaria

    I feel weird. I get this feeling sometimes, mostly when sitting down in one place for too long, but am I the only one who only feels better by lying down? It’s as if the longer I sit or stand, the more anxious and as though I have to move I feel, especially in my legs and in my head (kind of that feeling of too much energy drink?). But the moment I lay down and curl up in a ball with a blanket pulled over me and close my eyes, and make myself relax, it starts to go away. I wake up and it’s gone. This seems to occur the most when I am tired. I search everywhere but always end up on sites about RLS. Is it or isn’t it? Help!

  • Susan

    Restless arms syndrome, like restless legs syndrome can occur because of an iron deficiency and from nrve damage. I say see the doc!

  • Adam Gonzalez (830)

    I also am having the same symptomes its driving me nuts and has been keeping me up for the past two hours im going crazy i took 2 benadryl hopping it would just pass and put me to sleep so i dont have to feel like jumping around

  • I’m experiencing that case whenever I nap in my arms, which I think is because of too much pressure on it for a long time, and irregularity of the blood circulation on my arms for the particular time.

  • angie

    I know exactually what you mean. I have had this problem off and on for months. I am 44. I have tried everything, trying to pee, trying to have a BM, tried masterbation. It’s like my body is possesed and the tingling in my pelvic area makes my arms and legs twitch. I’m sure I will soon loose my mind. All the while I am exhausted.

  • Lynn

    Hi I’m 59 years old I also have the restless legs and arms and take requip I have had to take as many at 3 pills a night. MY mother had them also but in her days they had nothing to do for it and she would walk for hours in the night just to stop from going nuts. I have them tonight which caused me to look on the computer to see if anyone else had them in thier arms. I suggest you go to see a DR and get some medication for it so you can sleep better. God Bless Lynn

  • Sjm3116944m

    Im having restless arms and legs now! Its 2oclock in the morning and ive been awake for about 2 hours with it so far. I wish it would go away!

  • Tamarablack38

    OMG! I experience the same thing, EVERY NIGHT! Usually it is just my left arm. It used to be in my right leg though, which is weird. To me it tingles under the skin & won’t stop until I jerk the whole arm. It is the worst sensation. It is like an itch that I have no choice but to scratch. I can ignore it for a second. But it comes on in waves, & eventually I have to jerk the whole arm. God someone help me! I have tried sleep aids, no luck!

  • Titianlady3

    Calcium causes the muscles to contract, Magnesium will cause them to relax. Try a magnesium supplement. In the mean time, a muscle relaxant like Flexeril will help relax the muscles and is non addicting. Call your Dr and ask for a prescription for Flexeril, and then take a good magnesium supplement. You can buy them at any pharmacy with the rest of the supplements.
    I had restless arms syndrome that almost drove me crazy until my Dr told me about the magnesium and gave me the Flexeril! I now sleep like a baby!!

  • Aunonmyous

    This “syndrome” needs to be cured; I can’t take it anymore !! I have it really bad. I take no medications and am trying to be consistent with a vitamin D supplement thinking perhaps that is why my body acts this way. Tried sleeping AGAIN last night. Entered bed at 10 and was up until 2:30 trying to fall asleep. I feel so bad for my husband who has to be awoken by my turning back and forth and slapping my arm and legs on the bed. Sounds silly but its so serious. What causes it!!! I want to be a doctor just to find out. They say there is no could there not be?? My arms and legs constantly have to be moved…it does not feel at rest. Inside, not the muscle not the skin just “inside” feels SO restless and I have to move it… if anyone finds a way to calm this down (even during the day right now I am suffering from it) please let me know!!

  • Cindy Masters

    So glad to find this information. I have been going crazy with my legs for years and take sinnement for it(rls). But about 5 yrs ago my arms started in and at first it was just at night, but now it also happens in the daytime too. The med I take for rls does not seem to help my arms. I also take perocet for pain and zanax for nerves, neither of these help when my arms are acting up. I have to walk the floor and swing them back and forth sometimes forever. Going to try and talk to my doc, did not know anyone else had this.
    Cynthia Masters

  • Deanna

    CAYENNE PEPPER!!!! I have the same thing…funky feeling in legs and arms and sometimes my back. Like that feeling you get in your tummy just before a hill on a rollercoaster…only i feel it in my body..not stomach. But cayenne pepper pills (2) about an hour before i go to bed andd i dont get it. Weird. But i think it has to do with circulation…cayenne gets the heart pumpin stronger. Just make sure you eat a cracker to push the pills down. DOnt want them poppin in your throat!!! Good luck!!

  • Scpck

    For years I have relied on tonic water at bedtime. It contains quinine which is used in the medications for restless leg syndrome. Finally it got so bad that my doctor prescribed Sinemet- a drug usually used for Parkinson’s disease, in the lowest dose. I no longer have restless legs thanks to these measures.

  • Tracy

    Soaking my feet in cold water for a short while works for me. And when my arms give me grief I put them in cold water.

  • Blueiris0000

    Q-10 30-60 mg.!!!!!!

  • Blueiris0000

    30-60 mg. !!!!!!

  • Hannibo_hb

    I get this really weird feeling in my arm (the back of my elbow) & i fell i need to put loads of pressure on it & i need to move it loads :/ xx
    its really annoying & i dont know what to do, does anyone have any suggestions? xx

  • Deb

    yay!!! I am not alone! drives me crazy, generally in my left arm and thighs.. I too do weights, shake, swing and get on the treadmill to try and stop it… I take 200mg of magnesium, zinc and b6 as well as 1000mg of vitamin c as I read somewhere that that can help, I found a homeopathic spray that you use when it hits and that was pretty good but it seems to be hit and miss as to when something is going to work. its 2.20am and my alarm is going off at 6.45am… anyone else got any ideas?

    Deb NZ

  • Alan Ross Bird

    I read recently that these Parkinson’s drugs had serious side effects.  Have you had any?


     I Have The Same Symptoms Its Driving nuts i will have to see my GP.

  • Privic

    Before, I tried so many things to stop my legs from shaking, I only found this privic spray that calms my legs, it gives an instant soothing relief from that itching sensation on my legs, do check them at, hope it can help you too!

  • Max_321

    TO answer why is there no cure? There are many diseases and conditions that have no cure, like RLS> Diabetes has no cure, but we can trat it. Arthritis had no cure, Parkinson’s has no cure. There are a ton I could list. Sounds like you need to do a little reading, and a great web site to go to is RLS does have several drugs approved for it, plus certain meds and foods can set it off or make it worse. Stay away from tricyclic antidepressants and SSRI anti-d’s, over the counter sleep meds that contain the antihistamine DIPHENHYDRAMINE. Please see the “treatment” page and scroll to “drugs and foods to avoid” The best thing that you can do for yourselves is educate your selves about this. I have been for 15 yrs and own and moderate several online suppport groups for RLS and other sleep disorders. The RLS Foundation is at

  • Max_321

    TO answer why is there no cure? There are many diseases and conditions that have no cure, like RLS> Diabetes has no cure, but we can trat it. Arthritis had no cure, Parkinson’s has no cure. There are a ton I could list. Sounds like you need to do a little reading, and a great web site to go to is RLS does have several drugs approved for it, plus certain meds and foods can set it off or make it worse. Stay away from tricyclic antidepressants and SSRI anti-d’s, over the counter sleep meds that contain the antihistamine DIPHENHYDRAMINE. Please see the “treatment” page and scroll to “drugs and foods to avoid” The best thing that you can do for yourselves is educate your selves about this. I have been for 15 yrs and own and moderate several online suppport groups for RLS and other sleep disorders. The RLS Foundation is at

  • Max_321

    These rarely work for anyone I know, but awesome for you!

  • Max_321

    These rarely work for anyone I know, but awesome for you!

  • Vbellefleur

    I live in CAnada and suffer from restless legs.  What is the name of this pill.  Of course, it will be forever before it gets here, but I may be able to get someone to get it for me…

  • Vbellefleur

    I live in CAnada and suffer from restless legs.  What is the name of this pill.  Of course, it will be forever before it gets here, but I may be able to get someone to get it for me…

  • Vbellefleur

    I also use Sinemet after being told I should walk or try Magnesium.  The Magnesium has not worked and if I do not take this pill, I can be in agony some nights.  If there is another solution other than this med, I would like to hear about it.

  • Vbellefleur

    I also use Sinemet after being told I should walk or try Magnesium.  The Magnesium has not worked and if I do not take this pill, I can be in agony some nights.  If there is another solution other than this med, I would like to hear about it.

  • Angills1

    I feel the same way like I need to pee or something m arms and leg just wont relax I am so exhausted

  • Angills1

    I feel the same way like I need to pee or something m arms and leg just wont relax I am so exhausted

  • Scott m annand

    Yes my man you have the dreaded R FRICKIN LS. Please feel grateful it only lasts 30 min.There are ONLY 3 drugs out there that dont work well at all and that are relitively safe to take EVERY DAY.There is however three classes of drugs that work excelent and take the symtoms away compleatly. these wonder drugs are called opiates and diasipams. I suggest NOT TO TAKE these drugs if you have any sort of addictionn issues or like feeling different than you usally do. Many many many of us veteran rls sufferers have had terrible addicition and dependance issues with the detox that always comes. Dont let them give you Tramadol either, they say its safe ( not a narcotic ) But is just as addictive as any opiate and a worse detox. The FEDS just re-classified Tramadol as a same class drug as vicodin ( Hydrocodon or opiate). The diasipams are dangerous also, at least for me. I happen to get this F-ing condition any time my body goes into relax mode, daytime, nighttime, bedtime. Ive been addicticted so many times i cant count. I get it in my arns and legs and it usally last for 3  to  5 hours at bedtime where I cant get up and go back to work or move around. I have even considered suicide a few times, Its a fuc___ up condition man, but we all have hope they will find a cure or a solid management drug. Talk to a specialist in RLS.
    Peace and tranquility be with you my freind.

  • Susan

    there is a drug used for Parkinsons disease which works to stop restless legs and arms. It can only be prescribed by a GP.  Worth a try if ur desporate see your doctor.

  • Faye

    I know how you feel.Ican’t  explain the feeling it drives me crazy.Mine will last from minutes to hours.

  • James


    I am having this same feeling right now.
    I know what it is and I know why my body is doing this, I just haven’t got around to fixing it.

    Your full of energy, and your body is crying out for exercise. 

    You need to go for a run, It will take this feeling away for at least a few days. 

  • Gracie13855

    OMG! I do that to, have to “jerk them out straight” and swing my arms and legs and yes you feel like a crazy person! Its insane! You cant even describe the feeling. Im freaking replying to this blog now because i cant sleep becuase of it. My dog usually sleeps with me but now she just runs out of the room when i come to bed becuase she knows i will never quit moving! Its extremely exhausting and i am so tired…im glad to know that its not just me that it gets so bad you start jerking around like a crazy person :) Lol..thanks for the laugh, though its really not funny :)

  • Lil Sparrow59

    This has been going on with me for years. OMG HELP. what do you do to get rid of it? I told my DR. years ago he looked at me like I was nuts. They gave me lyrica and it made me worse. Over the counter sleep aids made it worse. Then I was more exhausted while running in bed. You can go insane with this problem.  Help. Any Ideas I havent tried???????????????????

  • Linda

    I had a Kidney Transplant in 2003 which cured my RLS. But before that, the RLS drove me crazy for about 3 yrs. My husband had to sleep on the couch. I thrashed in bed every night and ended up tearing the muscles in my legs.It was so bad that I cried, screamed, and cursed all night. Some times it was even in the day time. None of my drs. ever herd of RLS. So I started doing research on it myself. Nothing worked. I tried  vitamins, potassium, every alphabet I could think of, and foods with potassium. Still nothing. Then I found HOT BATHS worked Great! But my baths were turning out to be 145 degrees. I was pretty much cooking myself and I didn’t care! I would take about 4 boiling baths a night so I could get some sleep. Here’s a great site you can try.
    Restless leg syndrome (RLS)

  • ssssssssss

    Cannabis helps me a *lot*.  It’s certainly a personal decision as to whether you want to break the law and try it. When my RLS (and more recently RAS) kicks off, two inhalations of a small joint will completely resolve my symptoms for many hours. I personally think that the choice between a mostly harmless herbal product and a heavy duty drug with some real nasty side effects (such as L-dopa) is a no brainer. 

  • Older sister

    Susan, why didn’t you just talk to Mom? You knew about RLS already.

  • Milky

    I suffer it too – arms and legs. RLS is usually a central nervous problem – a deficiency of dopamine (feel good hormone) in part of the brain.  Usually, a drug is prescribe to increase dopamine and stop the spasms.  It works.  But i never liked the idea of taking it longterm.  Cut back alchohol to near nothing and that pretty much worked on the legs, but not the arms completely.  Then found a really, really fast solution that stops it completely – arms/legs.  Bengay lotion!  Spread it on.  Takes about 5 mins – then it’s gone.  It’s an analgesic, but it’s the best.  And it works.  Others agree. Try it.

  • Youcantfixstoopid

    Its made by Hyland’s called Restful Legs. Homeopathic. It does instruct you to let tablets dissolve under your tongue which takes only seconds. Its not bad…..I’ve used it & would recommend it. It’s over-the-counter & probably order thru but I got it at Walgreens as well. Good Luck!

  • Pleaseread

    Before I post: I am NOT a doctor. I am just passing along what has happened to me. I don’t want to see other people get on drugs they don’t need and regret it later. 

    If you are of decent age and health, it is in your BEST interest to try everything non-pharmaceutical you can before you start using drugs to combat your RLS. The drugs they prescribe for this alter how your brain chemistry works and once you mess with that, there is no going back to “normal”. They are NOTHING like taking a Tylenol or Advil. Try getting more exercise, more calcium/magnesium (magnesium needs calcium in order to be best metabolized in your body), practice better sleep hygiene. Try yoga, Tai-Chi, water therapy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, homeopathic remedies, self-hypnosis relaxation techniques, biofeedback, meditation – ANYTHING that does not involve drugs. When all of this has failed you, go into your pharmaceutical journey armed with knowledge. Not just what doctors tell you. Research the medications and their side effects. If you do not drink alcohol, do not accept a benzodiazepine – they do the SAME thing to your central nervous system that alcohol does. This only masks your situation and you can build a tolerance to them, making you need more of the drug to produce the same effects. These are also highly addictive drugs, and can cause you to have seizures if you stop using them. SSRI/SNRI anti-depressants can make you worse, and they alter your brain chemistry from the first week you take them. It’s best to avoid them if all you’re being prescribed them for is the RLS. 
    I know all of this from a lifetime of experience. I have had RLS since I was 5 years old. If you were told you had “growing pains” when you were growing up, it is safe to assume it was really RLS. It runs very strong in my family. My Mom takes a bath every night before bed and I did not realize this was because she has RLS and this is how she copes with it. In my late 20’s it finally got so bad that I was beating my husband up in my sleep and he was sick of being covered in bruises from it. I also have Fibromyalgia, and found the absolute BEST relief to be a tricyclic antidepressant called Doxepin. It has greatly reduced my nerve pain and has reduced my episodes of RLS down to one or two episodes a month, right before I start my menstrual cycle. For these I take magnesium/calcium and make sure I get adequate exercise along with adequate relaxation. When things were very bad, I found relief in water therapy. On the Arthritis Foundation website, they will list warm water pools in your area. These pools are kept at warmer temperatures than normal pools, and they usually have time slots where you can take an exercise class or just get in and move around. They were extremely helpful to me. I have a spa I can use now. 

    There are so many things you can try that only involve you actively helping yourself and not having to blindly take a prescription you might regret. Believe me, you will be much happier and healthier if you can avoid the drug trap I fell into. Best wishes to everyone reading this. 

  • Jhcharfauros

    I get this weird feeling in my knee joint.  It keeps me up for hours and the only way I can get rid of it (so far) is by “cracking my knee” which helps for a couple seconds. The feeling is hard to describe but i cannot go to sleep and I’m talking for hours!!  So far I’ve tried nighttime tea, Unison, Vicodin, Sominex and now my Physicians Assistant is giving me Ambien.  I don’t know about that – I would really like a good nights sleep though – especially when I know I gotta get up for work.  Now my arm is getting that feeling….what the hell?!?! 

  • Misspitzygallery

    Just have been searching for some help online. Came back from holiday with some terrible flu and so I got myself from the pharmacy Day & Night Nurse. Today was the second day of taking it and I started feeling better but….
    When I went to bed around midnight, some noise woke me up and when I was trying to get back to sleep I started having those weird attacks. First in my arms, then back. Now my whole body is in a very weird pain.
    Is there anything I could do to stop it? It is the medicine causing this problem. Will stop taking it, but will it go away?

    Please help me if you have any idea what to do.

  • EMMA :)

    I have the same problem I have a vitamin b12 deficiency which can lead to nerve damage I go for a b12 vacation every 12 weeks and I find these sensations stop only for about 6-7 weeks and then they are back!

  • Rachelfox70

    i also have it :( its the worst feeling … have to get up with the kids in the morning to get them too school and end up going right bk to bed after ! its in my arm today worse than its ever been ! makes me want to stick something sharp in my leg or arm to stop the feeling the doc has me on pills narproxine but they dont work anymore and i cant have anything else for it as it wont mix well with other tablets i take . im only 36 and i dont want to feel like this . im sure the doctors think its a joke at times ! 

  • Jbachm524

    YES! I also have the butterfly feeling with shortness of breath. I went to the dr for this about 2 years ago and he said i have anxiety and put me on zoloft. Well those didnt work and I quickly got off of them and I just decided I would no longer use any kind of prescribed medications and hoping to help myself using natural products. I also used a heart monitor for a day so they could track my palpitations but of course I had no palpitations that day and they said it was from too much caffeine. I used to only get the RLS once in a great while in my legs and it was never a huge problem. Now the past couple days I got this same horrible feeling in my left arm and so I researched it and ended up here. Personally, the RLS and RAS at night is what gets me nervous and makes my nerves act up at night, which is when the butterfly feeling and shortness of breath occurs.

  • Patti Leclair

    I have restless arms and legs really bad. I have discovered one very important thing that brings it on…..cold air! So, early evening, I put on socks so there is no chill hitting my legs and when I sleep, I make sure that the fan is not blowing on my arms or shoulders. If it comes on anyway, take a warm to hot shower, it calms it right down.

  • Elise

    I just got back from my Neurologist and I have the same thing you are experiencing and I have Restless Leg & Arm Syndrome..Severe case. Mine is all night day and doesnt go away. He prescribed some Mirapex. I have a L5 S1 disc that needs surgery but because of my movement disorder I can not have this surgery on my back. So hopefully this medication will get undercontrol and I can have the surgery and go on with life. Good Luck to all of you. I will pray for each one of you for I know the torment this brings. I have had it on and off for several years and could not take it anymore. God Bless you all.

  • Bdaniel3

    Well it happened to me lastnight and I thought I was about to scream! My arms where the worst part. I know if anyone was in bed with me that night, They would have a black eye by morning from my throwing my arms around. Not only did my arms feel this way but my legs too. Here I am in bed at 3 in the morning wide awake and doing pushups in bed to try and fix my restless arm syndrom. I even took 2 tylonal and a sleeping aid, but that didn’t even work!

  • Sue Seymour

    I can fully understand how you feel, I have the same, Saturday night we were away and I had to sit up for ages as the reslessness wouldng go away it leaves me feeling tierd and irratable. What are you doing for it. Is there any help…….

  • Egreene-fitness

    hello– sorry your experiencing this restlessness in your arms and legs. This has been going on with me for about 3 or 4 week now. First is started in my right calf muscle just out of the blue one weekend, and would not calm down. I have it in both calves now and in forearms and back of left tricep. It’s driving me nuts, and pretty much freaking me out!!! :( I have been to see the neorologist and have done several rounds of blood work, and everything comes back fine…. Whatever this is that we have needs to have a cure.


  • Michris125

    I fricken no exactly what your talking about, I get it to,sometimes I actually start biting my wrists, I cant deal with it. I dont know about you, but I took pain pills for awhile,than when I finally stopped, thats when I got this arm and leg bull. I wish I knew what it was, I myself had it last night. Its terrible

  • Michris125

    when I have it, I take my suboxone, and it goes away in 10 minutes,usually,had to take it last night. But it works.

  • Denise

    I know the feeling it sucks I get it all night all I do is cry. Its like someone is just grabbing ur insides and squishing them all over and over I hate this. I know what ur going through. I would like to keep in touch at least someone knows what I feel like my email Thank u I hope to here from u soon. By the way my name is Denise

  • funboredom

    I keep stretching hoping that pulling on the muscle will make make it go away… :-(

  • Ryjaweeks

    My problem is like a numbing feeling in my left elbow, but recently it”s started in my right elbow and it is driving me crazy. It only happens when i go to bed and it comes and goes. I eat thinking a full belly will make me go to sleep and take a hot bath to relax, that”s usually around 2 in the morning. It usually takes about 4 to 5 hours before i fall asleep. i’m going to the Dr. to see what i can do, i;ve found that percocet works great but i don’t want to become addicted. I will try magnesium. I;m only 43 and i can’t take this anymore.

    Thank you Ryan

  • Abrokenmosaic2

    Yeah I know howYou Feel.My symptoms feel like a squirmy-tension-poison feeling in my veins.I do notice that silophos a kind of milk thisle helps my symptoms,And asprin when Im in a pinch.Right now I’m trying to wean myself off seroquel Which is very addictive and every time I do this the poison feeling is unbearable,but I’m going to try high doses of silophos and see if that helps.Pray for me!!               contact @ if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

  • AJ

    I know how you feel.  I have the same kind of feeling.  I have a squirmy-poison-tension feeling in my veins that comes and goes. I’ve noticed that silophos, a kind of milk thistle helps this feeling, and asprin, when I’m in a pinch.  Presently, I’m trying to wean myself off of seroquel, a very addictive drug, and every time I go off it, this feeling becomes unbearable. I’m going to try taking high doses of silophos to get me thru the weaning process.  Pray for me!!!  If you have any comments for me, please contact me @   Thanks. 

  • Abrokenmosaic2

    I know that silophos milk thistle by Thorne vitamins helps me .  Also asprin. 2 asprin.

  • Omg I’ve just googled this and this site come up. Pleeeeeaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee help. I’ve been up ALLLLLLLL night with this! My arm just feels like sorta when you hang it in midair limp…But obviously it’s not. Just achessssssssssss and argh! Only the left one! Thought I was going mad until my Sister said she has the same thing a few months back. I’m definitely going to see my Doctor Monday. I can’t put up with this. No sleep and I have a job. Soooooooo tired too :'(

  • Oh and it mainly happens when I lie down to sleep. I feel drained and exhausted but I just can’t sleep. I wanna cut my arm off! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Burlija

    I have had rls and arms as far back as I can remember, when they didn’t have a name for it. I used to sleep with my arms and legs all folded up under me. That doesn’t work any longer. I have a couple of things that stop it temporarily so I can fall asleep. Excercise, medication, pushing on the main muscle that runs down the leg bone and arm bone. This pushes the blood out of the muscle so it will flow normal again. It feels like the blood gets coagulated. When I do this massage therapy I can feel the relief instantly. An active day also seems to help me.

    To help reduce the symptoms I cut back on caffeine. I still drink my coffee, but try not to after 1 pm. No caffinated tea or citris sodas. I read and have experienced their high levels of concentrated caffeine. Not all caffeine is the same. Who knew? Routinely, I make a mental note of what I have eaten. If I have had a few good days due to watching my food intake I might treat myself to a candy bar. I have cut back on chocolate. I try to eat it early in the day. I have also noticed, if I eat certain food colorings like red or orange M&Ms, within 30 minutes I am having rls symptoms. I also try to stay away from processed foods like packaged lunch meat and rarely eat hot dogs. I use my medicine as a last resort. I bite the pill in half or 3rd’s because my symptoms aren’t always extreme. I rest in front of the TV for 30 minutes before going to bed. If I feel symptoms coming on I take some medicine before attempting to go to sleep. 

    My grandmother had Parkinson’s Disease. Several of my relatives from the same side of the family have nervous disorders including depression. All of these health issues are related to levels of dopamine in the brain. Hereditary? I think so. All of my kids have rls. My eldest son was told by a physician that a person can’t have rls in their arms. Wow!! I won’t be seeing that doctor!

  • Moot

    Hi I have this problem too. It is enough to drive you nuts, you are tured but your little muscles keep tingling and insisting that you move them. AArgh! Anyway I don’t get it every night, but when I do I take a quarter of one tablets worth of paracetamol. Om  bad night I might need half a tablet. The trick is to take it after you have tried to sleep and found out that you can’t. Take the tablet with water, then try again and you should be asleep within 20 mins.
    Try not to build up a tolerance to whatever your taking by only taking the smallest amount and only on the nights you really need it. Hope this helps!

  • Jerry

    Can’t sleep either… It’s 2:44 am and I feel like punching the crap out of my forearms to make this feeling go away. I’ve had this happen before but luckily for me I only get it about once or twice every few months. For the first time tonight I got the restless feeling on my legs. After an hour I decided to do some stretches and exercises and it eventually went away. The problem now is that it’s in my forearms. Nothing I do seems to make it go away… I wish somebody could just knock me unconscious so that I could finally get some sleep…

  • Xxnishaaxx_bbz

    hey, im 16 years old, not had an easy life when it comes to illnesses, ive had back problems, chest problems, rib problems and not to mention the so called doctors think im mentally ill. you name it ive probly had every problem going, and im only 16, im dredding what the future bring.doesnt help being a hypocondriact either :( ive had these arm sensations for a fair two months now, and i was unsure what brought them on, i recently had blood tests and nothing shown up, im going for a nerve conduction test on the 17th. i sympothise to all you other out there who are suffering, at times i felt the need to commit as i thought that was the best option, it occures it most of my arms, and ive also had it in my legs to for a short period of time, i noticed the more i worried and paniced about the situation the worse it got, and soon after i was getting these sensations in my head, weird i know :/ i found that researching my problems and seeing that others too suffered what i was experiancing put my mind at ease a little, and come to terms that its quite common. i wouldnt say i have any coping stratagies, usually a hot water bottle may help now and then, or maybe some ibrupofen…painkillers dont seem to work, and im also on iron tablets, as im suspected aniemic. nothing seems to distract these feelings i get, and they usually last hours, sometimes days on end, constant discomfort which drives me insane. is there any home remadies which could help my problem? im not such a fan of tablets because i panic about the things my body isnt use to and weather or not it reacts to them in a much worse way. so please tell me some sort of prevention to get rid of this horrible feeling im experiancing.

  • Dirose123

    I don’t think I suffer from Restless arm syndrome, but I have been waking up every night in the middle of the night scratching my arm.  My right arm is straight up in the air (hand towards ceiling) and I am scratching??  EVERY NIGHT????  What can this mean?

  • Hlmb3

    i am having the same problems. my body will not rest when i lay down. i’m so tired but cannot sleep at night. and sometimes it contiune untill the morning. i think it’s lack of exercise and how much food is consume before you go to bed.

  • Evamims79

    Did you tell your parents? Let them help you address the issue together with you. You are too young to deal with this alone.

  • Rskinner46

    I have taken tramadol for years along with Hydrocodone , I have not taken any for 2 weeks now I,m having RLS i guess it’s my time for detox. I 

  • becky

    I’m 17 and Ive been getting this a lot lately, each time I go to sleep! Keeps me up for ages. I think I need to see a g.p cos its getting silly now!

  • Smagee62

    These symptoms are usually caused by things that are stimulants. Smoking, coffee, caffeine drinks and chocolate are all stulants and can cause insomnia and your RLS symptoms.
    I suffer badly from these horrible feelings in my arms and legs also, but it’s reduced a lot since cutting way back on stimulants.
    Scott. Australia.

  • Susan1susan40

    Get in a tub of hot water,set in for 20 or 30 min.  that helps me ,so I can get to sleep. It works !!!!

  • Kelly

    This is the closest description I’ve found to my own sensations. Mine just started about three weeks ago and i was petrified it was some severe catastrophic disorder. But the RLS symptoms I’m readin are right on the money. I too have tried to place my arms under my body to relieve the sense of tightness and numbness but it just feels like their pulling. I’ve tried clasping my fingers together and essentially pulling my hands away from one another to create tension which somehow seems to help a little. 
    Now, I’m so worried it’s going to flair up again I think I’ve begun to actually imagine it happening when it isn’t. Bizarre stuff, but I’m relieved that it seems to be nothign worse.

  • Patricia Thomas

    Same thing here, I am 47 years old, and I don’t know what this condition is, I just know I can’t relax, almost every single night and in the day at times, my legs give me a fit. I am awake, moving all over the bed trying to get comfortable, but I can’t. My legs are jumping, feels like something is crawling inside of them, it is very painful for me, I rub them, stretch them, walk, put pillows under them, and sit in really warm or even hot water, nothing seems to work, it is the most aggravating nerve racking pain, I even have it in my arms, knubness, tingling, aching, really bad, all the way down to hands and fingers, however, I do have good health insurance, but these doctors out here act as if they really are not concerned with my health or well being, I also have fybromialgia, so I deal with alot of pain, all over my body at times, I’ve had 2 back surgeries, lower lumbar, and cervical spine surgery, and the doctor’s especially here were I live, act as if they don’t give a damn, I suffer in pain all the time while they continue to deny me the medications that I need to be releaved of my aches and pains. They continue to give me medications that really don’t do the job. I’ve been to 2 different pain clinics, have had several epidural and steroid injections to the lower spine, have done me no good, so they stopped them, i know that there are some much better and caring doctors out there somewhere, I just be glad when I find them, cause God know’s I really need them in my life, I cry all the time, But,not to many people are  aware of what I go through. Sometimes I think of them lying in their comfortable beds at home, all relaxed and feeling fine while I’m hurting so bad and crying because I know they are not doing all they can to help me, it makes me wonder how they can even sleep. Sorry, I didn’t mean to get so winded up, your story just got me started. I hope you’ll find anwers soon, and get some insurance, if you do just seek to find the right doctors.if anybody would have told me that I’d have all  these medical problems at 47 years old I would have never beleived it.

  • Kelly

    Just started experiencing this a month or so ago. Now it’s pretty much just in my right arm. Feels like a knot of energy in my upper forearm, along with a tingling radiating down into my hand.
    Strangely enough, tonight I am not experiencing any of the RLS or restless arm syndrome symptoms, but rather the nervous stomach several people have mentioned. Exhausted but butterflies won’t let me sleep.

  • lucky

    hi im woundering if any one has had pins and nedels in and and feet with pain numness also pain all over body nigaling pain with palpataions in harms and legs also have swolen gland under tonge also thush on tonge ive been checked for everything onley thing what came back was low vitamin d i just dont understand ive hasd a lot of sun and its all been goung on now for 5 months its making me very skcared.

  • Timothyc

    ive had this for about 4  mnths now it feels like growing pains did when i was a kid and i also feel like i cant stop stretching so fn aggravating my wife wakes up cause i flip to my side, to my back, to my stomach, and on and on…..hating life at 3:01am cant  take this 

  • Marion Stallard


    I too, am suffering with both restless arms & legs and am at the end of my tether.  I almost went to A&E last night to see if they could stop the pain, or just give me something to knock me out but figured that they probably wouldn’t give me anything as I am on so many meds already.

    I have degenerative disc disease and have had three ops since 2002 (two ops last year), for back problems and none of them have helped me.  I have suffered on  and off with restless legs for years, but it has got progressively worse since an op in May 2010, when I also developed restless arms.

    I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for all over pain and fatigue and I have to admit that I am very depressed with my situation.  I haven’t worked for just over two years and cannot see any improvement.

    I haven’t really researched RLS and RAS up to now, but it is driving me mad.  I found that Pregabalin helped initially but it doesn’t seem to be now.  I leave the room when I get the urge to thrash my arms and legs around, so that my husband doesn’t witness it.  He has had a lot to cope with over the last couple of years and I don’t want to addto that.

    Does anyone know helps the symptoms, and what casues it?  Are there trials being carried out on sufferers and research being done?  We can’t all be ignored, something needs to be done.

    What type of specialist looks into central nervous disorders and are there any recommended?  Have any of you had treatment and been ‘cured’?

    I believe that all of my problems are connected, but my GP is treating them seperately.

    Any advice appreciated.


  • Shanna

    Omg this is EXACTLY my problem too. I couldn’t explain the sensation to my doctor but its just like I HAVE to move my arms and legs…I look so stupid flailing my arms and legs around. My dic ended up prescribing me Mirapex which is suppossed to help with RLS but it makes me sooo sick to my stomach. I don’t even know if it helps with my convulsing because I end up vomiting all night. Marijuana is the only thing that helps but its expensive and illegal. I am at wits end….

  • Urinkuruh

    That’s happening to me too. As you said it’s really hard to explain the feeling. I started to feel this last year and I really do not know what it is. When I went to see a doctor he only told me to exercise 30 minutes a day and 4 days a week. But I can tell you this does not help at all. I don’t know what to do. Like you, I spent 3 hours in bed but I could not get some sleep and then I decide to wake up and just seat in the sofa bug still I can feel it. Unfortunately now I will go to work without even have gotten some sleep.
    Can someone help us for God’s sake? We really need help.

  • Pitch1934

    My problem is not pain or movement but just a general feeling of discomfort in my left arm.  I can’t do anything but take aspirin.  I will have strength in  my arm but it feels as if I want to unscrew it from my body and put it away somewhere.  It usually only happens when I am asleep but today it is lingering on from last night.  I now know that I am not he only one with this syndrome. 

  • matt

    I dont know If this is the same thing, but when I have my left arm down by my side, straight, It has to be constinly moving, But my right arm is totally fine. I try fighting this ‘nerve’ but it just beats me. It doesn’t hurt, its just weird..and when I try to fight it, my like hole left side of my chest and stuff just tense up. The weird thing is, my girl friend has the same problem..and in the same we can never hold hands because either one of us is trying to keep our arms bent. If anyone has any answers, or anything, please email me..


  • luc mcc

    medical nugget works great but i get perscribed ultram for my head aches and that is the drug that helps restless leg syndrem u should check it out

  • RobertPillain

    I’m 12 years old and I get this, I havnt been to sleep really the past 3 nights, it’s hellish! It doesn’t help that I can’t do anything to get them away cause I just broke my leg and I think the reason I started getting this irritation is because of my crutches..

  • Rox_jairo

    I went to a sleep study and was diagnosed with RLS he gave me Requip it dosent work,I take Norco dialy and Im not sure if makes it worse,Its driving me insane….

  • Diesel

    Sucks doesn’t it!!

    Magnesium & Calcium tablets work for me. There is a combined tablet with both in it. Take a couple 1 hour before sleep and you won’t have a problem.
    That’s all you need.

  • Ktlo

    I use Ropinirole “Requip” for my RLS and RAS. It lasts me for about 4-6 hours. I either take more than I’m prescribed or walk the house amoungst the ghosts

  • Nage

    I do have rls and have to take medication every night ,even after taking the meds – I wake up at night with an uncormfortable sensation along my back spreading to my arms, which drives me “up the wall”any one out there with those symptoms? Trixie

  • Swede

    Before I saw this website I thought that I was alone with this awful syndrome. I live in Sweden and never heard of this syndrome until i figured out to search for “itching in muscles” on google. I have had this syndrome for almost 10 years now (I’m 24).

    In my case I have restless arms and chest. I always feel an enormous need of contracting and relaxing my muscles to get the “itching” feeling away. But it doesn’t go away, just feels a bit better for a second. When I was younger I sometimes would lie on my side just contracting and relaxing my muscles maybe during hours. 

    Then after some few years I found a way that takes the itching away for  a couple of days. That is to exercise at the gym (now I have a set of weights at home to use to milder the symptom). I have to exercise with heavy weights to exhaust the muscles and create a “warm” feeling of activity in the muscles. Once I have exercised It feels like blood is running through my restless muscles and they feel calm. This usually works for a day to a couple of days depending on how well I exercised. 

    When I haven’t exercised I can’t barely dress well because of the itching feeling. Using tight clothes or certain “heavy” fabrics just makes the symptom worse, sometimes driving me crazy. Some days I rather skip school than going because of the itching. 
    It really drives me crazy and I have had sleeping disorder since the RLS started. 

    But really, exercising and exhausting the muscles really helps, it’s not a cure but it enables me to for a brief time live a normal life.

    Before I read this webpage I thought that this was perhaps something psychologically, having talked to a friend who is a doctor in acupuncture and eastern medicine told me that this might do with some kind of  sorrow (I lost my parents when I was a child) creating inflammation in the muscles and joints. He told me that many of the common health issues has to do with the psychic but that western medicine traditions, doctors and pharmaceutical companies wont admit it. He started a treatment on me which unbelievably worked well. Almost directly the symptoms disappeard and I felt relaxed in my arms and chest without having to exercise for the first time in a decade. Unfortunately my friend had to return back to Sweden (I live at the moment in Saudi Arabia) because of silly visa laws in this country. Before he left he told me that I needed around 10-15 sessions (we had two so far) for the symptoms to disappear permanently and that the symptom would most probably return with an incomplete treatment. And it did. Anyways I am waiting for my friends arrival now to complete the treatment and hopefully this time it will disappear for good.

    Today I will go to the doctor for the first time to see if he has some suggestions of what I can use until my friend is back. I haven’t dared to go to the doctor previously being afraid of being labeled as  a mad man, but now that I know that this is a common disease I’ll check it up.

    I’m really happy to have found this page as it makes me feel normal. I’m not alone with this awful disease anymore. 

  • Micky T

    I had this fro a couple of years and I can now stop it.

    Soak a towel in cold water, wring it out, lie in bed, wrap the towel around your legs from the knees below.  The evaporative effect will cool your legs.  For me, this coolness completely stops my legs from moving 100% every time.

  • Millie

    Not sure if I’m experiencing the same thing, but I have a strange feeling in my left arm from my shoulder to my elbow. I feel the need to stretch it as far as humanly possible and even then it’s not so satisfying because the feeling immediately comes back. I hate this feeling because it’s a feeling that’s not pleasant and very hard to explain. It is physically making me sick to my stomach. What’s so strange is that I don’t have it everyday. I think it may be caused by the way I’m placing my arm under my pillow when I sleep. I’m thinking about going to see a chiropractor. 

  • Maryann

    EXCELLANT ADVICE……….I have had this DAMN RLS sine my last pregancy 33, YES!!!!!!! 33 years ago. I now am on medication for it, and it does help most of the time. I take Ropinerole, (generic name for Requip which is very expensive, and my insurance co. didn’t want to pay the amount of Requip, so I had to go on the generic), fortunately it does work,. I still get symtoms though every now and then.
    This is such a devastating problem, and I cannot believe the many people that have it. Why can’t they find a cure for it. I remember the times I went to the movies, and had to go and stand up in a spot to see the movie because I couldn’t sit still with this stupid RLS

  • Stuartpitstick

    That’s true! My mom has this and told me she takes Cal/Mag/Zinc. I now have it and went out and bought Cal/Mag/Zink and it worked until I ran out and not thinking about it, it came back with a vengence in my right arm. Before it was only my legs so I know this works!

  • Stonwall26

    Ok so what is the best thing for this?..Ive had it for years and yes weed does the trick..but now ive stopped smoking it and its been 8 months and im going whats the best flexiril,codeine,or what?..theres so many different ways and does it matter how severe in chooseing one?

  • gerry

    I have this feeling in both my arms and legs. It usually starts on my right side., either in my arm or leg but soon both will have it. It starts out as though I want to stretch as far as I can but the feeling doen’t go away. I try shaking my arms or sliding my leg back and forth in bed. The feeling doesn’t stop. I finally get up as it is driving me crasy. It is not a cramp or tingling it is a feeling I just can’t describe. I went to my doctor and explained it to him and he said it was restless arm and leg snydrom. He perscribed clonazepan 1mg at night and it works. It is the first time I have been able to sleep more that 2-3 hours a night. It really works

  • Millergang

    I  have suffered with RLS  for the last 11 years or so but only recently developed the sensation in my arms.   There is no way anyone can fully understand what someone with this disability goes through without experiencing it first hand.  It can be so depressing if you let yourself dwell on it for very long.    I am trying to wait it out as long as I can before I have to resort to prescription meds.  One thing I have found to help with my symptoms is to take a HOT BATH.  Sometimes when I’m trying to watch TV I will wrap a HEATING PAD around each leg to get the bath “sensation” and it does seem to help some.  I also take Magnesium daily.  I would give anything for a “miracle cure” for this maddening affliction!!!!!!!  I feel so run down all the time.:(

  • Nchowd

    I think it’s a lack of Vitaim D. You need Vitamin D to absorb calcium. Try liquid Vitamin D drops – I honestly feel your pain. You think you’re going mad but I’m pretty sure it’s that. Research it. I don’t want to give you false information but I had to start doing that myself. That crampy feeling is awful. Yours sounds severe. I fee for you. I hope you fid out what’s wrong and then how to solve it. best of luck.

  • Dan

    For me, every now and then I wake up and feel a tingling, irritatingly annoying sensation not in my legs or arms, but my hands. It isn’t a burning sensation, but moreso feels like if I keep my hands still, I have to clench my fists. Even doing that, using heat or ice pads, hot water, anything, the only time it stops is when i get up and walk around. Once I lay back down, it starts up right away.
    I guess what I’m asking which there is not much talk or research about is if anything has Restless hands syndrome(no joke). I’ve tried magnesium, valium, klonopin and yet no cigar. Nothing works except opiates(hydrocodone) Please, if anyoen understands how possibly the brain interacts with your nerves, or possiby whether if you overstimulate yoru frontal cortex it could possibly be why your nevers react to the stimuli lfrom your receptors moving down your arms to your hand I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks

  • Miko_christie

    I know what you mean. I believe i have insomnia and i just cant sleep. To top it off my muscles started to feel like this tight sensation that i had to keep trying to pop my arms, shoulder, back and leg! No matter how much i stretch or try to ignore wont go away. This feelings only comes about once every couple of months tho. I was literally doing stretches and stuff. So annoying especially when i am super tired! :(

  • Myriam R

    Omg!!! Ive been suffering from a weird, feeling I cant describe since I was 5yrs old. Its not in my legs so I thought it cldnt b RLS, its the sides by my ribs and I have to twist my arm n my body on the side that is acting up. Sometimes its both sides but its always by my ribs and I have to move n pretty much hurt my side twitching so hard to make it go away. If I ignore it I grind my teeth n have to stretch my leg but I surcome to the need to twitch hard on the side to make it go away. Its been so frustrating hiding it from everyone cause I felt that they were gonna think I am nuts twitching my arm n side. Its always when I lay down n the weird feeling starts n I have to twitch n end I end up sitting down to help it. My poor hubby has to deal with me tossing n turning n taking off the covers. I felt like I was crazy cause I never heard anyone have that problem. Can someone tell me if they have the same feeling by the ribs?? I feel so worn out cause I cant sleep!! Sumone help me!!!! Could it be RAS???

  • Pixi

    This is so weird. I am very restless but didnt realise it could be restless legs, my poor cats cant sleep on the bed with me any more. Last night was the first time I had hectic restless arms.  My arms were like windmills on the sides of my head and it woke me up, I was veryconfused. Then I went back tosleep and it happened again and again and the felt so heavy like they were full of blood and then numb.  I really hope that may arms do not do that again. I dont mind the legs because they dont hurt, they just fly around the bed! I definitely dont want meds, there has to be something herbal that is legal!

  • Louiseh1987

    1 leg more then the other as a reallu light pain going down it and feeling like the muscle is getting a rough massage what is this ??

  • Linds_ss

    I have just recently started having all of those feelings in my hands and arms (I think my husband thinks I’m crazy!) I broke my leg 3 wks ago and was on some pretty heavy drugs for 2 weeks straight (oxy, Vicodin, fentanyl patch mostly) I quit taking everything about 1 week ago and the “RLA”/fidgets as my grandma calls them have been going on for about 5 days now…. Only at bedtime and last for several hours. Any hope this will end when the pain meds r all out of my system???? Any idea how long it takes to fully detox? Thanks for this discussion…. I thought I was going crazy!!!

  • Trinaleethom

    Ive had it since i was a child, first just in my feet. Once i went to bed, it was gone! But now i get it in my arms and legs, and it lasts for hours! Sometimes ill get it while i sleep and thats what interrupts my sleep! I find that sometimes, keeping my body cool with a fan works, whether it be winter or summer. Being pregnant makes it 100 times worse and ive spent nights crying because of the lack of sleep. At times i may only get a few hours within a 48 or more hours. Torture!! And the sad part is- its genetic, and can be passed on. I hope to god my children will never get this, whatever it is! Sadly, i cant take anything for while pregnant. Im going crazy!

  • Blanger25

    Man I hear ya. Its almost midnight and I’m ready to carve my arms like a turkey. I’m going to the doctors Wednesday cause I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been living off of xanex and it helps off and on. But I know the drug requip can be perscribed by a doctor and also 1 night I went to walmart and they actually have an over the counter restless remedy where you would find the vitamins and all that…and also dr oz said turkey helps with rls lol..its horrible and sometimes a nice hot bath can help…but no matter what, it sucks

  • Lettertoed

    Exactly! I shake my arms & legs to get a temporary relief but that is bothersome as well.

  • Brenkidsrmag

    Yeah they didn’t work for me.

  • Brenkidsrmag

    I am now experiening it over my entire body. i was just in the er and they couldn’t find anything wrong. this is worse than ever, I am on mirapex been on it for over 5 years. My pharmacist says it is only prescribe for night but i take it 3 times daily if I don’t it is awful. but now it isn’t working, I take as much as 8 a day and still jerk. I am going to my GP tomorrow hopefully we can figure this out.

  • Kstout

    I have had RLS/RAS for several years. I take requip . Works most of the time. Not sure what I would do if I could not get the drug.

  • Meecepeece

    yes I have this issue in parts of my body other than my legs as well! Not only nighttime or when trying to sleep, actually I often get it in the daytime when I am sitting and not asleep more so. I have all my life and surely all adult life had this need to always move my feet and legs and hands always. I also tend to flex certain muscles in a rythem all day long, such as-my outer thigh muscles of both legs, I twist my feet in circles all day and night, I flex my upper arms all day long, and I often have to flex and relax my upper lower leg area all night long too and even now.I know I have some kind of nerve issue too, I also have horribl anxiety diorder on tp of the musle thing for which I am given Rx Xanax. Now this helps you relax, but for those who say it helps RLS youre lucky, becasue even ON xanax AND methadone which I take and have taken everyday for fifteen years for a past addiction to drugs, do NOT help this in the least and are given to me for a totally different issue.Being on both these sedatives puts most people out cold together, but myself- I hardly stay still, hardly quit movements, and do not even sleep much, never feel drugged either, or tired.I may be unusual, but I am losing my mind over this! Much like many of you are also.Many say it cannot be described. I describe it this way- A crawling creeping sensation that fills the center of my limbs and muscle area, making it impossible to tolerate stillness. Its not in my flesh but deeper within. Often it comes on as a feeling like if I do not keep moving my body parts, It gets so nervy and creepy I want to jump right out of my body. Being a former narcotic addict to opiates, I find this feeling is VERY VERY similar to the early onset of withdrawls. Only in those who have it without any addiction, I am certain the feeling is the same for you too. That is what heroin addicts sart to ffeel ALL OVER their body when there having MILD withdrawls, and people still wonder why people cannot quit? wow. I feel your pain RLS sufferers, and full body RLS like me. I hope someone fixes this or cures this.

  • Goomba

    I never smoke pot and I have the craziest restless arms. My roommate is a huge pothead, do I just took a few hits…..bam- zeeeero restlessness

  • Rickthedick91

    No no no no no when I smoked weed it made whatever this is worse don’t do that at all it made me freak out to like I smoked something I shouldn’t have but it was this wierd arm feeling stuff and nice name you punka** snake trying to trick people.

  • Cheryl Gibson

    I have been experiencing something like what you describe.  When I am lying in bed I feel the pressure like something is walking on the bed toward my head.  Sometimes the pressure can be directly on a leg or arm, but it’s like a cat was walking on the bed.  I have a cat and when this started I just thought my cat had jumped on the bed.  At one point I lifted my head to look at the spot and nothing was there.  Then on a regular basis I’d look when I got these feelings and nothing has been there.  It scares me and then I can’t sleep.  At first I would shake my leg or arm and it seemed to stop, but now I can shake my leg or arm, sit up throw pillows at the spot and once I settle back down it starts again.  Do you think I am going crazy??  Cheryl

  • Richt

    I’m up right now cause of it… My mom is a natural allergists and got rid of it last year but it’s back. Always my right arm, sometimes I would sleep on it to make it fall asleep but trick is not working tonight. I’m exhausted and stressed but know I’m not wierd and alone. Good luck all

  • Madelineboggis

    I find that my legs feel restless when I go to bed at night which is the worst time and I try to do exercises in bed by folding my legs over each other and stretch them and pull my foot up and my press my knee down for 10 mins and that sometimes helps but my arms feel like  I have a problem in my “wings” and have to stretch up and sideways and pull my elbows into my breast for a few minutes each side,  and try to stretch my back either side, then half an hour later it starts again unless I go into a deep sleep then I don’t feel a thing and my husband says I sleep fully by snorring!!!

  • Madelineboggis

    Know how you feel and so does my husband as I keep him awake too till I settle which could be a couple of hours after I go to bed…no wonder I sleep in..thank Goodness I am retired now

  • Madelineboggis

    You sounded just how I feel and I find if I have quite a few alcoholic drinks (wine) I sleep really well and really feel like I have had a good nights sleep..but with a headache the next morning. The only thing it starts again when I am relaxed or go to bed again so it is a temporally cure..and not a good one

  • Madelineboggis

    where can u get bengay lotion in Australia

  • Madelineboggis

    where is walgreens I live in Queensland in Australia

  • Madelineboggis

    I have replied to others but you are the only one I know who has Fibromyalgia as well. I haven’t worked since 1996 when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have since had restless legs and for the last two years have had restless arms. I find if I exercise while in bed and stretch my arms and legs it helps sometimes but wakes my husband. I am writing this while my back needs to be stretched now before my arms start.

  • charlotte

    I thought I was the only one that felt like this.  I have reestless leg at night and all day.  I use a computor at work and I stand some and sit some.  I have a hard time keeping my mind on my work.  I take mirapex at night and piece od it all day.  It makes me sleepy so I can’t take a whole pill during the day.  This is such an awlful thing to have.  I know what you all are going through.  I  wish there was a cure.  I can’t travel anymore.  When I get home from work I eat supper and most of the time I have to go to bed.  Sometimes nothing helps at all.

  • CAS

    I have this exact same thing and can’t find any information. It does seem a lot like RLS but I really only get it in my arms. Usually it’s at bedtime. I have had this off and on honestly since I was a kid. Nothing seems to help it go away. Drives me INSANE. I describe it like my blood tickles. And I do just want to jerk my arms even though it doesn’t help at all. I started having different tingling sensations in my arms and it is related to bulging discs and a multitude of issues between C4-7. Since I have had the other though since I was a kid – doesn’t seem like it could at all be related. But today I’ve had it allllll afternoon. I took a valium and it didn’t even help. I tried to take Magnesium as others suggested below for migraine issues but OMG the GI problems were too much so I stopped taking it. I guess there really is such a thing as RAS and I’m not alone. Seriously I’ve thought I was crazy. And since I started having the neck problems, the frequency has increased. My PT wondered if I didn’t maybe have some sort of fibromyalgia. It just drives me insane though. Sorry others are dealing with this but nice to have company!

  • brc55

    I also started out on Mirapex, one a day then it got worse. went to 2 then 3 now there not workin but by accident I found out that hydocodine cough syrup with the mirapex works great. I had boncontis and could not get over it for 3 months I took the cough surup now they wont give me any more and I’m goin crazy. 3 hrs sleep in 2 days. I wont even sleep with my husband threw the week because I know he has to get up early for work and I woke him everytime I had to move. I also have it in my legs, arms and even neck. I bought a lounge ab which I get on alot and strech to relieve some of the pain. I’m goin back to a nerooligist to see if they have any other suggestions. Hot shower works sometimes for a little while too. Good Luck.

  • The medicine for RLS is one of the medications they prescribe for Parkinson’s. I have been taking it for about 6 years maybe 7. It has been so long I can’t remember the exact year. If I do not take the meds my arms and legs feel awful. This is a serious condition if only because it interrupts your sleep and quality of life. Please go to your GP and get some relief. The medication I take is Mirapex.

  • 123

    I have the same problem, I know how you feel… makes me crazy!!!!! 

  • Clpdiaamond

    OmG!  This is the first time I have ever heard what I feel put into words!  I thought I was nuts!  I don’t have the problem in my legs, but I’ve had it in my arms for years!  It aggravates me so bad!  Not all the time, though, It comes and goes.  Seems like I have a week or so of it and then it won’t happen again for months.  Not sure what I’m gonna do with it, but I’ll at least start doing some reading!  Just typing helps it feel better for tonight anyway  :-)

  • Jim

    I am currently recovering from dihydrocodeine addiction, by going ‘cold turkey’ (my choice) and experiencing RAS, this I have been told is due to damage to the central nervous system, but will recover with time. It’s most distressing and feels as if there is an electrical current being passed through my body,this can last for up to 2-3 hours and vanish just as fast as it starts.Sleep is impossible.

  • Moon And Stars

    I have this same problem….it started with just my legs and now it has started doing it in my arms as well.  I have tried taking stuff over the counter for it, and while it did help for a while it just doesn’t seem to be doing anything anymore.  It is EXTREMELY aggravating and it has gotten so bad that I was to the point where I just walk around and around in circles and cry because walking helps somewhat.    

  • cold

    You may’ve heard masturbation supposedly ‘cures’ this syndrome. People are different, but for me, it’s actually the direct, literal and complete cause of it. Which is just what I need, you know? A ‘cure’ to be an actual cause of the problem itself.

  • Anon

    Place a bar of soap at the foot of you bed under the covers with you.  This will stop this behavior.

  • KatDav

    Well the same is happening to me this week, had viral meningitis in Feb, was in hospital for a week on cocktail of tramadol and paracetamol, this week the headaches are not there when I wake in the morning so haven’t taken the pills, but each evening like now, the itching starts, the leg and arm jitters, I feel I have to move my limbs all the time, and itch all the time! During my time with the VM headaches I have also given up smoking, I’m proud of this but my god I need a ciggy right now because of these sleepless nights itchiness and jitters…..any ideas what to do? Xxx

  • Kathryndavies236

    This happened to me in hospital, when they did bloods it seemed I was lacking in magnesium!

  • Luke Barraclough

    I carnt stop moving my legs at night it’s just like I want to keep kicking them to make it go away it’s not every night I would say about 3 nights a week at a minimum is this RLS???? I am so confused as to why this keeps happening I struggle getting up for work as I only get a couple of hours sleep a night I am then falling asleep when I get home it’s not healthy for me as I have 3 children and a girlfriend who it affects at night when I am banging and kicking my legs at night I even try walking up and down the stairs at silly times in the morning just to try get rid of the iratating feeling!!! Please any advice ?

  • Donald Mckinney

    Arkie Parkie, Well Looks Like I Might Hasve Restless Legs & Arms Syndrone, To Which Is connected to Parkinson’s, However It Might Be Caused By Sterss, Due To My Wife’s Ilness
    She Was Dx’d in 2010 between June & July With Lewy Body Parkinson’s, She’s Type 2
    Diebeatic Also FYI The Lewy Body Parkinson’s Is A SISTER To Alhamizers of which two
    of Her Meds Are For Alhamizers, She Has Long Term Memory Of The Past, But Short Term Memory of the NOW..Like after about 15 minutes after She Was told something She has forgotten
    what was said and She also is very much wanting to come home, but i’m not able to take care of her
    Due to my Health Vietnam Veteran, I have Parkinson’s but not like her’s, my right knee is going out 
    on Me and I don’t know what the orthipedic dr. is going to say I need done till next month and
    My Wife doesn’t understand that I need to stay off my right leg let alone Acepting (sp)
    her faith & I try my best to do things for her, I’ve put my health on the back burner to long
    So With the RL&A Syndrome or what ever it is along with stress of helping my wife,
    with deep regret my health may be in jeperody (sp ) Life Goes On.

    FYI Carbidopa/Levodopa 25/100 ( fast release ) four times a day & morn’ & night. The 50/200
    Is A slow release Noon & Bedtime and last is entacpone 200mg Morn’ & Bedtime.
    I take 11 pills in  the morning and few up to bedtime i take 10 pills & ONE Of Those PILLS IS
    FOR Leg Cramps….now’s that….like I say life goes on…

  • i have the very same thing but i can.t sleep at all in the last 3 nights i have slept about 6 hours i am 64 and take inhales for my breathing i am beside myself now

  • Gemjw

     i really sympathise with you everything you have said is exactly the same for me in the last 2 weeks i have had 10 completly sleepless nights. i am very sleep deprived at the moment as havnt been to sleep for the last 42 hours i just want it to stop i think its driving me crazy. all i have been able to find out is that there is no cure and they dont know what causes it. as far as i know not a whole lot of reserch has been done on it. im even taking sleeping tablets now that arnt really helping cause there obvislly making me want to sllep more and when i try i cant cause i have to move whichever bit of me has the feeling.streching really hard helps relive the feeling for a few meesly seconds and gives me pains and cramps everywhere cause im streching all the time its so dibilatating and is really having a bad effect on my life now. ive had this on and off in varying degrees since i was 15 i am 28 now and its just getting worse…..

  • Lilviathan

    This happens to me too. I am always getting up and doing stretches to help the crawling sensation.  It happens almost every night and I get tension headaches with it too.  I have to put pressure on my temples and push on the sides of my head to ease the head restlessness.  It is very irritating when you want to go to sleep.

  • susie

    ohhhh i am so crying… I was told it was in just the legs… and I have it in the arms too…. I have it going on right now… sometimes I wish… But never wish not living… just like some else said I want to pull my arms off……..and legs and feel a different pain instead of this one… omg I really hate this.. Its not a pain its like bugs inside your arms and legs   and its really hard to work… Im so tired… I hope God will bless us… I hope so…

  • Lafavorz

    I have the same( EXACTLY the same) problem. The restlessness in the arms started about a year in a half ago..the leg problem I have had for years. When the arms started all I could think was OMG !!!!!! no way..just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. I get up at least four to five times a night. The feelings or pain ( not sure how to describe) has always come at night or as soon as I would get tired but now getting during day. I look like a nut a my desk !!! but thats least of worries. So glad that I found this site !   I was very enemic at one time and needed an emergency blood transfusion.  The restless legs went  away right after and I thought I was cured. I think the first thing I need to do now is check my blood count. yep.

  • shepp

    POT. it works(: And narcotics work. But there so addicting. Not recommended. Try a heating pad. i’m 15, and i have it. D:

  • lu

    i am 16 and i have the feelings that everyone is complaining about in my right arm. i do not get it every night but when i do i cannot sleep. i have read that for some people it gets worse later in life, i don’t want that to happen. i am crying because the well it’s not even pain it is just discomfort and there is nothing i can do. i really don’t want to have to take drugs for it because i would just rather not.

  • Sleep

    Thank you for this sight. I have had RLS/RAS for my 2nd night and it really sucks. cant sleep, cant sleep. It happens to me when lying done to go to sleep. it 3am and decided to get up and go on the computer and see if i could find something on it, at first i thought i wouldn’t but within a minute found this. might look at some options from this site and go to the GP. Thanks alot this has helped

  • Naomi N.I.

    Hi you sound so like me, I’ve had it constant for this period for 1 and half months. I’m 35 female, had it for 15yrs now,but since I was diagnosed with epilepsy 4 years ago, it had got 100% worse. Before, I would have it 1-2 times per yr. my partner copes @times with me while he tries to sleep but instant moving/turning in bed keeps him awake, at times he just gets angry with me and I feel so bad for him and v angry with 1self. Often I will stay downstairs so be an sleep. We r getting married. Next yr and planning for a family but I need this fixed ASAP. I have a disability genetic condition named ‘MORQUIO’ & means my joints r v frail & wear out, I’ve had three major joint replacements now. I have seen my General practitioner doctor& I firmly believe he thinks it’s all on my head, and that I’m only aski g for sleeping tablets!!! He has said in the past they r addictive which I know they r, I told him I would only use them when my restlessness is present. Did t help and I have visited him 2 times and seen 2 other different doctors in his practice and they have gave me sleeping tabs, &was davastated to see that the low dosage ones didn’t help at all. I still was unable to sleep. I’ve get other symptoms to, v bad diorera, feeling hot and sweaty, migraines, depressed , sneezing all these are present in my time when restlessness is @ it’s worst. I’m in northern Ireland. I had had 2 hours sleep in the last 2 months, I’m not functioning right, and look he really sick, eyes sunken, pale faced. Anyone please help me if any of this sou like u x

  • brooke

    I have the same troulble i cant sleep i wake up tired i feel sometimes i ready to give up can anybody help me to understand whats going on with me .

  • ashley

    recently my arm has been keeping my awake at night and i have no words to tell people how it feels so everyone in my house is left thinking i’m crazy and before these arm issues i have NEVER had trouble sleeping. ugh #NeedHelp

  • mike

    I am glad to know im not the only one Ive been dealing with this for years and have tried many things. I use to take a low dose of hydrocodene but like Ive read here its addictive the best thing to happen to me was a friend who also shares are problem brought me a joint and i slept better than i have in awhile just a couple of hits and its gone instantly and it has never failed me to this day I know its not legal but compared to what we all know is a nightmare ill take my chances i wish you all the best of luck in finding a treatment that works my heart goes out to all of you

  • HA. I came across this page because it woke me up tonight at 2 and 3 and at 5 I said screw it. Anyone think it feels like bugs eating your muscles? Mild nights I just get up bad nights its scream do push ups and as one guy says..I would like to rip my arms off.

  • Brad

    Please help me. I’ve read all these posts. Anyone find a real cure? I’m thinking of moving to Colorado to get medical marijuana. I swear it was the only thing that ever helped me fall asleep. I literally want to rip my arms and legs off. Sometimes I have to go to the couch and lay on my stomach tucking my arms under my chest and stomach and attaching my feet under the cushion and pushing my feet into the arm of the couch to stretch my body just to ease the feeling. I’m never getting sleep anymore. Now it’s on the tops of my hands. Is it physical or mental? I’m seriously lost. I don’t know how to explain it to my doctor and I feel like I’m all alone through the night. Restless in small town NY tonight. Xo u all.

  • Mitar Zecevic

    I just woke up after about 5 hours of sleep which is usually not enough for me and all of a sudden I feel this huge restlessness in upper part of my arms and shoulderes. I can’t stop moving them, if I do, it feels like my arms don’t exist, I can’t describe the feeling but it’s so awful I’m suffering. Anyone have any solution? I don’t want to keep feeling this……

  • KingSavage

    Kratom kratom kratom. About 2 or 3 grams of a red strain (or any strain really) and you are good to go night night & wake up super refreshed.

  • Steven Sassano


  • CMama

    Seriously!! You’re not the only one that feels that way!! About it all but for real on the mj making it better. But can’t do that 😰

  • Levi Labbe

    I have the same thing and it drives me crazy when it comes on. I find it only comes on when i’m trying to sleep or just before as I’m sitting on couch watching a tv show etc.. I used to wake up also and do push ups and crunches which usually helped depending on how hard i went, or i would just keep flexing my arm or leg to the point where i thought i’d hurt myself..

    Don’t know what it is… but I’ve had this for years and I’m 27 now and it’s starting to get really annoying

  • Alyssa Lee

    I have been losing my mind with the exact same things every one has described. It’s really starting to piss me off. I literally feel like just cutting my arms off. I’m tired of dealing with this. And I’m pregnant too so this is just GREAT!!!