we are stupid

Watching this PBS special on the Iraq war is pissing me off. I am pissed off because I got in line to vote for John Kerry, but some how Bush still won. But I am ALSO pissed because people keep pointing fingers at each other.

Bush is obviously an idiot, and the war is obviously a huge mistake, but come on we got to stop blaming each other and just solve this damn problem.

No, running away is NOT going to solve the problem. What we need is a strong leader. Someone who will lay the smack down on the war, someone who will harbor respect from leaders around the world, and someone who DOESN’T point fingers. Oh yeah… one more thing… I don’t believe that listening to the “people” is going to help either. Obviously the people can’t be relied upon to make the right decisions. Thats why we need leaders! People.. aka. Americans.. like you and I, we are good at bitching, not making decisions. Continue your bitching, but dont point fingers like you know whats best.. cus you dont!

This reminds me of that freaking Ditech commercial that says “people are smart”. I really hate that commercial because they are blatantly lying straight to our faces. They know that people are stupid, so they blow sunshine up our arses and trick us into thinking we are smart.