Betelnut Beauties

Betelnut is a highly addictive and legal stimulant that makes you euphoric. Betelnut Beauties are half dressed young Asian girls that sells you the Betelnut. This is apparently very popular in Asian countries. Funny thing is, it is a carcinogen and it will wear away your gums until your teeth falls off.

But none the less, mix an addictive stimulant with hot young and girls and you got yourself a foolproof business model. Reminds me of last Friday when I was at the bar and behind the counters were 4 girls with boob jobs. Although I liked to think they did not influence my decision to buy alcohol, I must admit I didn’t mind standing in the general alcohol area.

What if…… we open a bunch of coffee stands ( that just serves coffee not mochas and crap like that ) all around downtown san francisco, and hire young, half-dressed, girls to peddle the coffee drinks to pedestrians, passing motorists, and bus passengers? The coffee can be like the kind in the vietnamese coffee shops, so they are ready to go and can be handed to customers in exchange for cash on the spot. This idea could really bring an end to Starbucks. Even if the coffee taste like rat piss, I would still buy it from a half-dressed girl on the corner than get in line at a Starbucks…

If you want to see this in action, go to youtube and search: Betelnut Girls :D