iGoogle wasted search space

After spending sometime to optimize the style on my Treo 600 ( during a long car ride ), I got the idea of optimizing my iGoogle homepage.

I spent 18 hours a day in front of my computer, and a good amount of that time is spent looking at my iGoogle page. The page is important because it shows my Gmail account and I customized it to show all the important news events around the world. Just recently, I also added my portfolio to the front page to keep track of my investments.

Now, I must first say that I like my iGoogle page and I would not change it unless something better came along, however, I do have one problem with it: the search area is too big.

The search area with the customizable theme, takes up almost 1/5 of the space of my iGoogle homepage. This is too much.. I need more space because I want to add more stuff to my hompage. It would be great if Google had this option.

It’s not going to hurt Google because I use Firefox, and in Firefox there is a Google search bar build into the browser. Also, it would not hurt to put the Google search box in a smaller space on the iGoogle page, so that it doesn’t take up that much real estate.

Anyways, I hope Google comes and read this. That would be cool!