My gambling problem

I was reminded of my gambling problem today when I went to look at the rules for day trading.

Day Trading Definition from the SEC

Funny how at the bottom it gave you a link to “problem gambling”. I guess its like what they say, “you can take the boy out of the casino, but you can’t take the casino out of the boy.” Haha. I made that up.

Anyways, my friend Kevin Quan has been super at picking good stocks. All the stocks he picked are up 10%+ in the last two weeks. If I had just held on to his picks, I would be up a ton of money right now. Instead my gambling urges took over and I got into day trading, which has only netted me $200 in the last two weeks.

Ok, so if you want to know, here are the picks from the “Oracle of Quan”.

1. LDK – Chinese solar stock
2. VDSI – Data security company
3. APPL – Apple. Duh.
4. NVT – Makes map for GPS units
5. RIMM – Research in motion makes PDA technologies

These stocks are gonna blow up. Get in while you can!