Investing in the environment

After watching the CNN series called “Planet in Peril”, I have to rethink the morals of my investment practices. Although I generally regard CNN as brain dead, mass media, bullshit, I do find this series very intriguing. Maybe they are finally doing something right???

But anyways. After what they show me about China and how Chinese industries are destroying the environment, I feel that I have to make a conscious choice to put my money where my mouth is. I have always been an advocate of living environmentally friendly, but if I continue investing in companies that are destroying the environment, I am being a complete hypocrite.

I originally chose to invest in these companies because I thought that if I made good money investing in these companies, I can take that money and help protect the environment. However, if I continue supporting these companies, by the time I have enough money to help protect the environment, there will be no environment left to protect.

So, I have decided that now I will invest in renewable energy and technology. I will also try to seek out companies that are active in protecting the environment and invest in those. Even if I don’t make good money investing in these companies, I will just consider it my donation to help protect the earth.