Bee hand pollination

Ok, so I heard about this on KVIE, and it goes beyond the point of ridiculous.

In some areas of China, they sprayed so much pesticides, they killed all the bees. Now there ain’t no bees to left to pollinate their trees, so they have to HAND pollinate.

Imagine hundreds of Chinese people with little feather brushes, climbing up on trees and smearing each flower with pollen. Apparently each person can do about 30 trees a day, bees can do about 3000 trees a day ( I think that the correct number – Maybe higher).

Anyways, I don’t know about you, but this is just ridiculous….

  • Dan

    This is true, areas where they pollinate pears and apples they went overboard on the pesticides, and the ground is still saturated with the chemicals. ALSO in the US UK and some other european countries bees are dying from a virus.

  • tim

    ya i watched a show about the bees dieing and it talked about this and i was trying to fined out the name of 1 of the towns/citys that were afected by this

  • trisha

    do you know where i can find this story? i looked on KVIE but nada.


  • 4b

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  • nicuss

    Here’s an article talking about the Chinese hand pollinating their pears because all the bees died:

  • S. Chou

    Colony collapse disorder (also known as CCD) is an epidemic that is affecting bees worldwide! If anyone is interested in this issue, you can watch a fantastic documentary about it on PBS’s website:

  • S. Chou

    P.S. According to the video: “A hive of bees can pollinate up to 3 million flowers in a single day; a human can only pollinate up to 30 trees.”