There are no coconuts in Hawaii

Did you know? There are NO freaking coconuts in Hawaii! Don’t believe me? Go to Hawaii and try to buy a fresh coconut. My girlfriend and I had to take a bus to the ghettos of Hawaii, just to find a coconut we could buy. It was almost as if we were going to the ghettos to buy drugs. But sadly, even there, the coconut was not fresh and therefore undrinkable.

Sure… There are plenty of coconuts trees, and plenty of coconuts in those trees. In fact, there are plenty of fallen coconuts littering the highways. But the strange thing is: NO one really sells COCONUTS!!!

It’s freaking ridiculous! On a tropical island filled with coconuts, no gosh dang person actually eat the coconuts. Coconuts have so many different uses, nearly all parts of the coconut tree could be used, the coconut meat is rich with nutrients and coconut water makes a refreshing drink. In fact, I would consider it one of the greatest fruits known to mankind.

I blame the lack of coconut abundance in Hawaii, on the taste buds of white people. I don’t think white people care as much about coconuts, as I do. For us Vietnamese people, coconuts are highly prized, and we would give anything for a sip of fresh coconuts on a hot day.

Anyways, the point is, I am sad that Hawaii does not have coconut for sale. It would be nice if I could buy fresh coconuts on the beach, and drink it while I enjoy the Hawaiian sun.

  • ivy

    so.. u should start a coconut business there. i love coconuts too.

  • kody

    hey bra, don’t follow the hateful path while expressing your views please. Also the view that everything wrong in the world is the fault of the white guy is no longer accepted. study your own countries history. The biggest thing here is that your wrong on so many fronts, not only in your bigotry but also saying whites don’t like coconuts. What? I friggin love coconuts and so does every other “white” person I know.
    Have you ever talked to a white person.
    What did you ask them?
    Next time ask one, if your not afraid to speak to one, hey bra,
    how come you white people don’t like coconuts.

  • Dms_07

    yes you can buy coconuts in Hawaii, I just got back from Hawaii Oct. 21 2011. I had a fresh coconut at the Swap Meet at Aloha Stadium in Oahu. The swap meet is on WED. SAT. and Sundays. There is a man who sells fresh coconuts for $5.00 each. He will cut open the top and put a straw in it for you. The coconuts are Iced down. After you finish drinking the juice, you can go back to and he will crack it open for you to eat the coconut meat.
    Next time you need to look a little smarter rather than harder.

  • Tisha Woytenko

    I’m from the Big Island, born and raised. There are coconuts everywhere in Hawaii but not readily on Oahu. The issue is lack of open land. There are houses everywhere and land is not left wild and free like the other islands. On the Big Island, I can still go where I used to as a child to harvest coconuts in Puna. On Oahu, you have to go to the North Shore by Hauula side to get coconuts. You can find them at the top of most coconut trees at public beaches because the state and city beaches aren’t cared for that well. It is sad that coconuts aren’t more freely available here. Even if you found one though, it’s not easy to get in. So it’s better that you buy one from a vendor on the side of the road if you can find one. Maybe you’ll be able to visit again and find many coconuts next time.