There are no coconuts in Hawaii

Did you know? There are NO freaking coconuts in Hawaii! Don’t believe me? Go to Hawaii and try to buy a fresh coconut. My girlfriend and I had to take a bus to the ghettos of Hawaii, just to find a coconut we could buy. It was almost as if we were going to the ghettos to buy drugs. But sadly, even there, the coconut was not fresh and therefore undrinkable.

Sure… There are plenty of coconuts trees, and plenty of coconuts in those trees. In fact, there are plenty of fallen coconuts littering the highways. But the strange thing is: NO one really sells COCONUTS!!!

It’s freaking ridiculous! On a tropical island filled with coconuts, no gosh dang person actually eat the coconuts. Coconuts have so many different uses, nearly all parts of the coconut tree could be used, the coconut meat is rich with nutrients and coconut water makes a refreshing drink. In fact, I would consider it one of the greatest fruits known to mankind.

I blame the lack of coconut abundance in Hawaii, on the taste buds of white people. I don’t think white people care as much about coconuts, as I do. For us Vietnamese people, coconuts are highly prized, and we would give anything for a sip of fresh coconuts on a hot day.

Anyways, the point is, I am sad that Hawaii does not have coconut for sale. It would be nice if I could buy fresh coconuts on the beach, and drink it while I enjoy the Hawaiian sun.