Jewelery store on Valentine Day

Ever been to a Jewelery store on Valentine Day? You should go check it out when you have a chance…
You see all these sad looking guys hovering over the glass cases looking all confused like a girl in a Kragen (In all fairness, I myself get hella confused and look really stupid when I am at Kragen).

You can almost see this look on their face, the look of someone who just got yelled at all night for NOT getting a Valentine gift earlier. This, of course, is a make-up gift. So it has to be big, shiny, and expensive, or else…

The minute I stepped into the mall, I saw this tough looking guy dressed in a mechanic suit. In his hands was a tiny little bag that says “Kay” on it. Obviously this man has been through a lot, and him being at the mall in his work clothes on Valentine Day is no accident.

I raise my mug to all of us men who have been there and done that.

And for all of you who think, “I don’t have to do shit, I got my woman in check.” Enjoy beating off alone for the rest of your life.