Nightmares of coding and politics

The other night, I dreamed that a Query attacked me. That’s right… A QUERY!!! I think that’s a clear indication that I’ve been working way too too much… What the hell does it mean when a Query attacks you?

Today, I had an equally strange dream… I dreamed Barak Obama lost the Presidental race. Man I was disappointed. I was like, “damn, you freaking ‘tards, do you want another 8 years of Bush?”

Speaking of Barak Obama, I loved the way John Stewart translated the whole Obama elitist controversy. John Stewart asked, don’t we want an elite president? someone who is better than us? Why would we want an average person to run the country? remember the last time we did that?? Anyways, I think he has good point. I do hope our next president is smarter than us all.