What is liberal bias?

liberal bias

I often hear people refer to my sources of news ( NPR, AP, BBC, The Daily Show, and various other websites ) as having a “liberal bias”. What is “liberal bias” you ask? Well, Liberal Bias is…

1) Basing your beliefs on scientific facts instead of saying “that’s how God made it”

2) Being able to recognize hateful rhetoric, personal opinions, and crackpot mouthpieces. ( For example: Bill O’reilly )

3) Making decisions after reviewing statiscal data to ensure that the decision will have the intended outcome. Not doing whatever “feels right”, or “has been done this way forever”.

4) Gathering information from multiple sources, including those of opposing viewpoints, to establish a complete understanding of the subject matter.

5) Having enough self-control to keep your personal opinion out the news you are reporting.

On a more serious note… The reality is: Truth has a liberal bias.