Idiocracy becomes a reality

Last night I watched Idiocracy for the first time. The movie itself wasn’t all that funny, and it was pretty boring at some points. However, the movie touch on one subject that resembles our current state of the economy.

In the movie, the main character is tasked with figuring out why the crops are not growing. He finds out that crops are not growing because people have been watering their crops with Gatorade. He convinced them to stop using Gatorade and use water instead. But in an ironic twist of events, their switch from Gatorade to water causes the Gatorade company to go out of business, making thousands of people lose their jobs. The people got upset and rioted against the main character.

In Detroit, they are building inferior vehicles that are not selling, and the people who buys these vehicles can’t afford to drive them because of the high oil prices. The obvious solution is to stop investing in these outdated technologies and start looking into vehicles that uses alternative energy. But of course, this move could mean thousands of people will be out of a job. What do you think they will do?