HTC Touch Pro versus iPhone 3G

HTC Touch Pro – slow as hell, small screen, shitty battery life, slow GPS, quiet speakers, what apps???

iPhone – faster, bigger screen, better battery life, very responsive GPS, loud speakers, more apps than you want

I had the HTC Touch Pro from Sprint for about 4 months. I was super annoyingly slow, and the small screen makes viewing webpages almost impossible. Window mobile sucks because it was hard to find quality apps. The best app they have is one that made the HTC look like an iPhone (slide2unlock2), ridiculous. My TREO 700 was better.

iPhone wins hands down.

I am not a Mac fanboy, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. HTC got a long way to go if they want me as a customer again.

  • bud

    Wmwifirouter is the best app available. Along with a zillion others. Yes, friend, you are a fanboy. But that’s okay if it fits your style. For me, the iPhone is too much of a toy. With the TP, I can actually do work.

  • dude2

    Wow… you are a complete moron if you think that the iphone gps even compares to the HTC gps – a complete freakin moron!
    Try using tomtom 7 on the diamond/touch pro with windows mobile. The iphone gps is practically useless for actual navigation. I use the HTC gps for 4 hours a day on my job, going to different client sites in the bay area and have zero complaints.

    The HTC is not meant for kids – you need to be able to tweak it to perform the way you want it to. Head over to xdadevelopers if you want to see what the HTC is capable of. If the words hardspl, Radio upgrade, kitchen, ROM upgrade don’t make sense to you, the HTC isn’t meant for you.

    Though, I agree with you that the iphone is a nice toy – for little boys and girls.


    There will always be followers for IPHONES as I can tell. If you don’t know how to tweak a TOUCH PRO. then what’s the point in doing a comparison?!? pretty lame if you ask me!!! Have fun with your overpriced toy that has a “big screen, and do much more than 100 phones put together” UUHH YEAH!!

  • SteveJObs

    Wow, This guy has to be a total tool, Touch pro is slow? How about you google some tweaks? and this guy has a website? Step away from the keyboard dude

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. I do agree with you guys that the iPhone does have a lot of limitations. For example, the iPhone camera sucks, you can not take a quality picture with it, the iPhone bluetooth can only be used with headsets, and nothing else, and I really hate the fact that it does not currently support copy and paste.

    However, all that aside, it is still a great product because of all the great apps written specifically for the iPhone.

    Yes, I know I can do all these nifty things by flashing the HTC and installing different ROMs etc etc etc… But that does not make up for the convenience of the iPhone. If you are a tech buff and want to spend the time tinkering around with your HTC to make it some l33t piece of hardware, fine, do it!

    Me? I rather get a product that is functional for me out of the box.

    For example, I am always using maps, mail, facebook, yelp, and safari on my iPhone. All these apps work great and look good. And when I hand my iPhone to someone else, they have no trouble figuring out how to use what I just gave them.

    You can go on with arguments about all these tweaks and hacks you have on your HTC pro, but the reality is, you are not catering to my needs. Those things may fulfill your needs and challenge you technologically, but that’s not what people like myself are looking for.

    Also, if you really want to compare hardware specs — just try to compare the speaker phone on the HTC pro to the iPhone — Even after installing the hack to make the HTC volume louder, it does NOT compare to the speaker quality of the iPhone. And this is something extremely important to my daily usage.

    And yes, the extra screen space is worth a lot. In fact, I wish someone would make a phone with an even bigger screen. I’ve seen some Lenovo models that looks pretty promising.

    Anyways, I am not looking to get into a cyber argument with you guys over “who’s phone is bigger” — I just want to point out that I understand where you are coming from, but I still stand strongly by my original assessment that the iPhone is a much superior product.

  • marco

    do you get free att services for saying all that load of crap ?

  • dude2

    No, you still don’t understand where I am coming from.

    However, I do agree with you that the iPhone is a much superior product – for little boys and girls!

    When you grow up – you should give the HTC another try. I strongly recommend it. For now, enjoy the beer application on your iPhone. I’ve been told that it really helps children expand their intellect and prevents dementia

  • Salaam

    ok guys, i’ve been running with sprint forever. I got the touch pro and of course i’ve had the mogul, the regular touch, the diamond. just about every windows mobile phone you can name with sprint. These phones almost suck without the tweaks and apps that make them usable. Touch Pro is absolutely incredible with the SPB Mobile Shell 3 + bunch of other tweaks. I have seen some videos online about the iPhone, and i must say it is impresive. It is really however all entertainment based. a Guitar and Piano app? I mean they have an app for just about everything, but unless i can use MS Live Search or GoogleMap flawlessly I really don’t need a piano. I can print and remote desktop computers in my house from anywhere using wifi. The new opera is the best web browser ever. There is clearly a big battle between iPhone and Windows Mobile people.
    Without a doubt the iPhone is an entertaining piece of equipment, I mean who under the age of 23 wouldn’t want to make music with their phone just by shaking it?..
    For the people interested in user interface, and overall usability- the Touch Pro is it.

  • Rajeev Gandhi

    its like saying chocolates are better the chicks! Dude you got to know how to handle hotness to enjoy it.

  • Reese

    I have had the Touch Pro for about 4 months and I have been a die hard Spint customer since 97, and I can tell you that I have recently ordered the new iphone because of tis applications and quickness. Don’t get me wrong, the touch pro is good for business users, offering officer software.

    But the iphone offers more but Sprint does not use sim cards, so Sprint phones are more secure.

  • Mean

    Here we go! The iphone is a great product for those who enjoy listening to there friends which phone is the best. I have the HTC touch pro and I love it. We all know that the sound quality is not the best, but it does make up for other aspects were the iphone lacks. You can use the skyfire web browser on the HTC and get the full effects of a desktop browser, qik, cleanRAM, bing and other great stuff. It really depends what your needs are for either phone. Overall the HTC Touch Pro slightly out beats the iphone, just because any app can be created for the windows mobile phone. When are going to get a Linux phone i can’t wait.

    For those out there having an issue with there HTC freezing, please use cleanRAM to fix this issue. You can even set a scheduler to keep the ram free ( hey it’s windows).

    Finally all 25 people I know who have an iphone don’t even know how to use Linux or Unix, wow.

  • no

    You are just a fanboy.

  • ky

    I have a touch pro and my gf has an iphone. I can do turn by turn gps and iphone can’t. I have a real keyboard and iphone doesn’t. I hate apple but iphone is a great phone I admit. For people who do not know much about computers, iphone is the best because you get everything out of the box! If there was no custom roms, I would hate my phone because sprint rom just sucks!! You just have to know more than a “phone” to make this phone the best and I am willing to do that. Also, I only pay $30 for 500min, unlimited data, phone as modem, 500 texts for my plan. My girl friend pays……

  • I got an iPhone 3G as a gift from my best friend. This phone is the best phone that i ever had, great style and great features. I luv my iPhone 3G.

  • last year me and my brother bought an iPhone 3G. it is a great phone with lots of functionality and great styling too.

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  • Charlie Vance

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  • Charley Merel

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