Human kindless is worthless

On my way home the other day. I saw a homeless man with a sign that reads “testing the value of human kindness”, next to his collection pan. Sad to say, human kindness is only worth two pennies.
However I doubt anyone gave him just two pennies. So most likely those pennies actually belongs to him.
In conclusion, human kindness is actually worthless, or whatever you put in yourself (a topic for another post).

  • Vanesa

    I don’t really feel bad for homeless people. I mean, yes it sucks that they don’t have a home or food, but come on! I work 2 jobs and I am a full time student. If I can do all of that shit, they can too.

    P.S. I really like your blog, makes me laugh hard!

  • oy vey

    OMG! That’s really sad….but its sort of expected. I just wonder about what made homeless people homeless…hmmm….it’s usually their fault anyway besides who knows maybe he would spend the money on drugs or something that’s what they usually do