The Best Man – a good movie about politics

As a result of a lazy channel-surfing Saturday morning, I caught a myself a good movie about presidential politics: The Best Man.

It’s amazing because although the movie was made in 1964, it squarely captured the sensitiment of today’s modern political mudslinging. It was so good and relevant, it seemed almost prophetic. Issues that they tackled in the movies like communism, homosexuality, promiscuousness, and religion, are the exact same topics still used and abused by politicans today.

It’s fascinating to witness such an accurate prediction of the future, but at the same time it is incredibly sad that society has not changed much in at least 4 decades.

Another interesting point is how the politicans often referred to “the people” as if they are cattle waiting to be herded from one barn to the next. I think we can all agree, this is still true today.