Microsoft Bing – Careless or Stupid?

Look closely at the action links on the top right. Come on, seriously, if I was this careless at my job, I would deserve to be fired immediately!

At first I thought it was just in any other browsers besides IE because Microsoft is a dick and does not test in other browsers, but that’s not the case. Running this website on IE, with SilverLight turned off, gives the same result.

Bing is getting a TON of press lately, and I am sure millions of people are hitting this website. What does it say about your product when you can’t even get a simple CSS rule right?

Other minor annoyances:

1) The hover state for the button flickers because it’s not aligned correctly

2) Although there are only a couple of links, such as “Terms of Use”, “Trademarks”, etc… They all link to different domains – What is up with that? Is it so hard to have a proper domain structure?

3) What is the hell is up with capitalizing file names? URI are case sensitive, just try changing Default.html to default.html and you get a “Page Not Found”.

Come on Microsoft, it’s not that hard.