Vinhland – The most backward place on earth.

Thinking back on my Disney Cruise and Disney World visit, I started day dreaming about the possibility of building Vinhland.

As I have mentioned before, when I become filthy rich, my philantrophy work will mainly be buying land and leaving them untouched. In my opinion this, and education, are the most effective ways to help humanity.

But in order to increase the awareness of my conservation effort, and to show people that you can enjoy the natural world as-is, I want to build Vinhland. Here are the highlights in a list because I suck at writing complete sentences… :)

1) There will be no hotel rooms or executive suites – All guest will stay in small huts.

– All huts will be the same and have the same amenities – I have always hated how everything is broken down into social-economic status. By having all similar huts, all guests will be the same regardless of how rich or poor they are.

– Imagine a small house with a straw roof, wooden beds, and dirt floor. The only thing modern will be the restrooms because hygiene and comfort in the restroom is very important to me.

2) Activities include things such as: rock climbing, swimming under a natural waterfall, zip lining, biking, hiking, and whatever else that helps you appreciate the nature. – All structures will be made from wood when possible. No brightly painted plastic stuff. – No rollercoasters,

3) Coconuts – It makes me sick that at every tropical resort I visit, they cut away the coconuts. Coconuts are delicious and useful in so many ways. Vinhland will have plenty of coconuts for sale and on trees.

4) No buffet lines – The kinda of food waste I see makes me want to cry. To prevent this, guests have to pre-plan their what they want to eat. All the food will be served to them just like on a cruise, but they have to choose in advance what they want to eat. Hopefully this will help cut down on wasted food. Guests will even be allowed to help in harvesting and making their own food. It will be part of the Vinhland experience.

5) Solar powered and recycle resources as much as possible – Whenever there is something that could be recycled or harvested naturally, we will do that. Unused food and excrement will be composted to make fertilizer for the plants.

6) Bicycles everywhere – Leave your cars behind. In Vinhland everyone gets assigned a bicycle that they will use to travel. For disabled people, there will be cyclos to transport them around.

7) Everyone will be remembered by name – No badges – When you want something in Vinhland, give us your name. We will type it in the computer and pull up your picture. Then you can purchase, register for things. This will help make a friendlier environment when the workers know you by name and not a number.

Ok, I gotta do some work now, and my day dreaming is coming to an end. Until next time…