Funny nutritional facts

Here are some funny nutritional facts I learned from NPR.

1) Microwaving vegetables is the best way to preserve all the nutrients – LOL @ all the people who don’t have microwaves because they think it’s more natural.

2) Eating raw vegetables is not as good as eating cooked vegetables – cooking helps break down nutrients so you can absorb them better. Booo salads!

3) Fat Free salad dressing reduces nutrient absorption – Having a little fat in your salad helps facilitates absorption of some key nutrients.

Disclaimer: While these are funny and interesting facts, you should do your research before taking these to heart. I heard this while driving, so I may have missed some key information. Correct me if I am wrong, and share with me some other funny nutrition facts you may know….

  • papabear

    Funny would infers something to laugh it like me setting your nuts on fire. This is just some ironic ‘food for thought.’ =)

  • Sam

    BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! That’s hilarious!

  • linda

    first two are not facts

    russia outlawed microwaves when they first came out because unlike the US which studied for effects OUTSIDE the microwave due to fear of radiation or whatever leakage, the russians studied the nuked food. Even water was fundamentally changed on a chromosonal level.

    Eating raw vegetables is much better than eating cooked vegetables. Cooking destroys the nutrients. People with cancer and diabetes and various diseases that adopt a raw vegetable diet get well. Look up pottingers cats.