Quickbooks Alternative


Quickbooks online is stupid because it does not even support firefox. Not to mention, it cost a lot of money to buy. Luckily for you, my company is building an alternative product called WorkingPoint – A online accounting software. We are a great quickbooks alternative, freshbooks alternative, and netsuite alternative.

I hate quickbooks. I also hate freshbooks because they limit the number of invoices you can make. Quickbooks and Freshbooks suck. That is why I almost went to make my own timesheet/invoicing software. But instead I went to work for a company that makes online invoices for small companies.

ps. Facebook friends — Ignore this rambling. This is a test. I will let you know how well I score in a few days.

  • David Bowberg

    This blog post is retarded. But I actually have used WorkingPoint as well as QuickBooks — the difference is night and day. Where one is bloat (Quickbooks), the other is refined simplicity.

  • Jesse Young

    Have you tried FreshBooks?

  • Annie Nguyen

    FreshBooks is pretty good. I would recommend it. It’s also true that Freshbooks is getting more complicated lately and starting to suffer from the same problems as QuickBooks. Having tried FreshBooks, QuickBooks, WorkingPoint (as well as a few others), I think your best bet is WorkingPoint.

  • Moriah

    Not much of a Freshbooks replacement as it only allows Paypal and not other payment options. I saw no way to have recurring invoices either. Also Freshbooks will handle my snail mail invoices for me. That is a huge time saver not to have print invoices, envelopes, deal with postage and getting to a mailbox.