California Gubernatorial Race

I am writing this post to tell anyone who has ever made fun of, or look down on me for having too much debt: Ha! Jokes you on you, you idiot. You know why? Because all of the new Governors of California agrees with me that the best way to get out of debt is to make less money and spend more!

Yes. You heard me. They want to fix our economy and decrease unemployment by giving everyone a tax break, especially the rich ones. Because you know why? When you are unemployed, and making $0.00, a 50% tax break will mean you make more money. Because less tax, means more money. Woo!!!

More money so you can pay for you own health care, your children’s education because we’re going to shut down all the schools, fix your car when you hit that pothole we can’t afford to fill, and purchase a gun to defend yourself when we let all the convicted felons out of prison.

And yes, the rich deserve a bigger tax break than your poor ass, because when rich people have more money, it will trickle down to your mud hut you ape. Just like how the Wallstreet elites big fat bonuses also made you richer.

Oh yea one more thing. All of our woes and economic troubles are because of those pesky immigrants. Damn those immigrants and their leeching babies. I know first-hand how horrible they are because I used to be one of them. You know, a foreigner. The kind who came to this country and lived on welfare, had free medical care, and crowded your schools and universities. Now I steal your job, and make more money than you!