School budget cuts

Here is why education budget cuts, and teacher unions, are a lose-lose for everyone involved.

  1. Because of a budget deficit, the crooks at the capitol decides to slash school funding
  2. At schools, teachers are laid off, and programs are cut — beginning with non-essential classes like Music and PE.
  3. Now the PE and Music teachers are out of a job. But because of seniority rules and the teachers’ union, they get to keep their jobs
  4. So regardless of merit or credentials, the last teacher hired, is fired, to make room for the newly available PE and Music teacher

Now I don’t want to make any judgements or sweeping statement about merit or credentials, but give this a thought:

Someone who has taught Music or PE for the last 10 to 20 years will now come in to teach a 3rd grade multiple-subject class?

Here is also something else to think about: Because of school budget cuts, the school day is shorten. That means parents now have the responsibility of caring for those extra hours.

Cut back on work hours? Hire a private tutor? Send your kids to after school programs? Let them roam the streets?

All of those options will cost you, or even worse, society in the end.

Eat that.