Death of a soldier

Although I am very removed from military life, I don’t even have any friends in the military, every time I hear a story on NPR about soldiers abroad, it makes me feel really sad and angry.

It’s really depressing and tragic how these young kids die doing something they have very little control over and maybe even know about. I say kids, not to be disrespectful, but to illustrate just how ridiculously young these men and women are: 19, 21, 24, and so on.

But I am not writing this post to lament on the horror or war, or even make a statement about my opinion on war. I am writing this post because it makes me sick to hear these horrendous stories about needless deaths then turn on FoxNews to hear pundits tell lies and spread propaganda that does nothing but prolong the sacrifices our of countrymen.

Its really fckng upsetting to see elected officials spend millions of dollars on political campaign to slander each other, fabricate lies about $200 million dollars diplomatic trips, focus resources on some idiot who wants to burn books, prevent loving couples from getting married and serving in our armed forces over outdated ideology, making us throw away baby formula at the airport, and on and on and on and on….

I honestly don’t know how the parents and relatives of these men and women do it. How do they deal with being asked to sacrifice their sons, daughters, cousins, friends, and yet have to, at the same time, listen to these politicians and political pundits keep lying to their face and bicker over random stupid shit.

Aren’t you pissed?