Bomb Shelter for Congress

NPR had this interesting story on secret bunkers built to protect congress in case of an emergency.

My tongue and cheek reaction is, in case of an emergency, why the heck do we need to protect the most useless members of our society?

I could think of a lot more citizens worthy of protection than those corporation-owned dirt bags. Here are a few examples:

1) Doctors – Do I even need to explain?
2) Engineers – In a post apocalyptic world, we will need engineers to help us rebuild, or at the very least control things that are in the way or potentially dangerous like broken building and bridges, power plants, etc…
3) Survival Experts – If civilization is gone, these people can help us rough it out in the wild
4) Farmers – Have you tried growing anything lately? It’s hard. I would surely want a farmer to help us replenish our food supply
5) Sea captains – in case we have to use a boat?
6) Pilots – in case we need to fly somewhere
7) Hot girls – If we get a chance to rebuild society, let at least be damn good looking…
12310) Computer Engineers
10910393234) Congress