Breakfast Club

One of my favorite things to do is go to breakfast with friends. Especially when we are on vacation or during a busy work week. I am extremely fortunate to have several friends who are willing to share this special meal and time of day with me and I hope to meet more people who wants to join us.

Breakfast is like no other time of the day for several reasons

  1. You get a glimpse of how the world wakes up. From the early morning flowers delivery man, to bakers kneading dough for the morning rush.
  2. It is a quiet time perfect for reflection on past events, but also a great time to plan for the day ahead.
  3. When you get up early enough to make time for breakfast, you don’t have to rush to get a head start on your day.
  4. After a good night’s rest, conversations are much easier and friendlier.
  5. There are a lot of studies to show that eating breakfast is healthy for you. Especially if you are a cream wheat fan like me.

But there are severals rules that must be followed for a successful Breakfast Club.

  1. You must talk about Breakfast Club – The nature of breakfast makes the club very exclusive so it is important to share the love for breakfast to anyone who wishes to join.
  2. You should talk at Breakfast Club – Although it is a good quiet time for reflection, not all reflection have to be in silence. It can be a great time to share your thoughts and pontificate.
  3. Breakfast Club should happen before 9am – Otherwise it’s brunch.
  4. There is no waiting for anyone – If you are not the type of person who can get up in time for breakfast, you should stay in bed. Waiting for people to wake up is stressful and can make you violate the rule above.
  5. You should eat breakfast at breakfast – You can eat anything you want at any other meal during the day. What makes breakfast unique is the breakfast menu.

Anyways these are just helpful guidelines. You can do breakfast however you wish. Just do breakfast. And invite me because I love breakfast.