The selfish liberal

The other day a friend called me a “bleeding heart liberal”. But honestly, there is nothing “bleeding heart” about my progressive stance. In fact, most of my motivation are pretty selfish

Universal Health Care – Sure, I support universal health care because I want everyone to be taken cared of. But more importantly, I support universal health care because I absolutely hate the process of buying health insurance. Even worse, I hate having to rely on my employer to provide me with medical coverage. Why would anyone want their employer to be responsible for their health and well-being?

Illegal immigration – Yes, arresting and deporting illegal immigrants is tragic because is destroys families. However, I am more interested in protecting illegal immigrants because it is absolute stupidity to believe that the US agricultural economy could survive without this labor force.

Education Funding – Everyone should have an equal opportunity at a quality education…. Because… I am sick of dealing with incompetent, ghetto, and ignorant people.

Environmental Protection – Trees are nice, who wouldn’t want to hug them? But even if that’s not your thing, how could you argue against protecting the limited resources we have on this planet. You have to be a special kind of stupid to think that we can drill our to prosperity.