First off, I find it ridiculous some people are just NOW complaining about the government spying on them.

This shit is so old news, Jesus was alive when it happened. PBS has been running documentaries on it for years now and everyone knows there is an entire ATT building in San Francisco dedicated to spying on your phone calls.

I feel like one of those people who knew about the indie band before they became popular and now thinks everyone is a poser for listening to their music.

But anyways, my main thought is this:

Gun people really irritates me. As I said before, I don’t care about them and their guns. They can sleep with a gun up their ass if they want. But their rhetoric about using guns to protect themselves against the “tyranny of government” is so fucking stupid I can’t help but label them as stupid.

I guarantee you a government drone will kill you and your entire stupid militia in less than 5 seconds.

The reason it irritates me so much is because the spirit of the 2nd amendment is actually more applicable to defending our electronic freedom.

Maybe back in the days when the US started, guns were important to defending your rights. But nowadays, the freedom to communicate online free of government spying is the true weapon of liberty. Just look at how all the revolutions in the middle east started. It all came from people using the internet to organize and spread their message.

It pisses me off that the Republican party, the architect of government spying, through things like the Patriot Act, are the same asshole screaming about gun rights.

Now they are all pretending to be mad about PRISM just because Obama is president.

I bet you the next controversy is going to be when people realize that the TSA has actually been storing all those nudie pictures of them in a giant warehouse.