How to tether the Nexus 5 on T-mobile

On the Nexus 4, you could easily tether on tmobile by enabling the hotspot.
On the Nexus 5, they disabled it. If you connect to the hotspot and browse, it will redirect you to t-mobile’s website.

Here is how to get around that. (Credit: xda-developers)

  1. Download the Android SDK
  2. Enable debugging on your phone: Settings > About Phone and then tap on ‘Build Number’ 10 times.
  3. Connect your android to your computer
  4. Find the program “adb” in “platform-tools” and run the following commands
  5. # get your device's serial number
    adb devices
    # load adb shell for the device found above
    adb -s <serialNumber> shell 
    # in adb shell run this magic command
    settings put global tether_dun_required 0

That’s it. Your phone can now tether.

This technique is awesome because it does not require rooting your phone and you are only using official tools provided by Google itself. No third party apps necessary.