My letter to my congressman regarding the Syrian refugee bill

I have never written to any politician before, but I saw this an as opportunity to speak up.

From what I know, my congressman, John Garamendi, is a pretty cool guy. He seems very progressive, and focused on serving his district. However, his support of HR 4038, the Syrian Refugee Bill, is very disappointing.

Here is what he wrote about it:

Here is my response:

Message Subject: H.R. 4038
Message Text:
Dear Congressman Garamendi,

I once met you at the airport and I crassly told you that you “haven’t done anything to piss me off”. I apologize for my rudeness on that day, but today I am writing to let you know that I am very unhappy with your support of H.R. 4038. I read your statement about it, and I think your reasons are completely bogus.

You know for damn sure that the Republicans put on this vote to play on the fears of their constituents, and their actions are motivated by deceit. You supporting this resolution is an affirmation of their deceit, and giving in to their fear mongering. If you really wanted “an opportunity to assure the American public that we are thoroughly vetting refugees”, then you should stand up and shout down those spreading misinformation and lies, not give them an endorsement for their deviousness.

As an immigrant/refugee, from Vietnam, myself, I know that I would be very hurt if politicians used my struggle for a better life as a hateful political gesture.


I do want to add that my objection to Congressman’s Garamendi vote is not because I think I know how to better handle the refugee crisis, or that I have any special understanding of how to mitigate security threats.

I simply object to the fact that he is participating in political theatre with the Republican Party.