beach at night


That’s what the beach kinda looks like at 4 in the morning. All you can really see is the white of crashing waves moving ashore…
I am not sure how much I want to reveal here, but there is going to be a lot of changes in my life starting today. Its finally time to put away the sad faces: :-( and see what the future awaits :?: . Hopefully it will be boundful of smiles: :D and great laughs: :lol: . But who knows what is instore for the future, all I really know now is that I am pretty happy: :P .
Its strange to think that having a wish granted, and getting exactly what you were hoping for, could be such a scary experience :? . It makes me second guess the reality of everything and makes me wonder if i’ve fallen into a deep coma and cannot wake up from a fantastic dream. :wink: