over the rainbow


Damnit, I’ve been neglecting my blog. No time to write in it anymore. Uyen you are taking all my time! Haha. ok ok, I admit, I enjoy it :).
Falling/being in love is a wierd state of being. In one hand you try to be the most affection and loving mate that you can be, but then you also have to remember that you have friends/work/obligations outside of that, that you cannot forget. People call it juggling, but its not juggling to be. Juggling means at some point you are letting one thing float in the air while you are handling something else, but in this case, I dont want anything to float on the air. Everything in my life is precious to me, so I do not dare risk letting it float around. So no, its not juggling, its more like walking a tight rope, you have to focus, or else you’ll loose your balance and end up on the floor.