More brain juice


I think its time I seriously look into going to grad school. I want to at least get a master’s if not a PhD. I just finished looking at the ucdavis school of ecology, and it looks like they are number one! Dang, me getting into UC Davis ecology group is like me trying to get into Berkeley when I was in high school, or getting into UCSF if I wanted to be a med student. Although its an impossible dream, I won’t put it aside just yet. I have a lot of great experience and my communication skills are better than average so I want to give this a shot before I completely give up. Some of my other realistic options include Sonoma State or UC Santa Cruz. I haven’t looked into other schools, but I am sure there will be more, and I will be looking at those options as well.
I think its sad that in the ecology field in general, there is a very low representation of minority students. There are a couple of asians, hardly any latinos, and no blacks. I think its something that goes way back to a person’s education starting as a child. I have noticed in my ecology classes, that all the white kids know ALOT more about plants, animals, and everything about the environment more than any races. Minority students like myself cannot keep up with the knowledge those white kids have about ecology because we simply do not get the same amount of exposure they get from their everyday life. For example, I can’t remember ONE time when I talked to my asian friends about any topic relating to environmental conversation, heck, I can’t even remember anytime when we talked about recycling cans and paper. But everytime I bring up any topic regarding plants, animals, or the environment in general with my white friends, they seems to have a myriad of information. Most of the time, they make me feel stupid because I don’t know shit.
I am not saying that white people are being racist or anything. I am just saying that as minorities we are not exposed to environmental issues as much as white people. In conclusion, I hope that in the future, with a higher education in ecology, I can help bring the topic of ecology into the lives of asians and other minorities around the world. Blah, I am making this short because I am hungry and gotta go eat. Bye.