whats going on??


So last weekend I went to chaperone a camping trip at sly park. My cabin had 14 middle school kids, most were 6th grades except for 4 7th graders. The 7th graders were from oakland, they were good kids, ok only ONE of them was a good kid, and the other three were a pain in the ass. They had no respect for authority, actually I dont think they even know what respect is. The camp counselor said that they were the worst group of kids he has ever seen, and he’s been a camp counselor for 25 years.I think I did a pretty decent job keeping them under control. For the most part I had their respect and they listened to me as much as was possible.
After getting home from camping me and Uyen got into our first real fight. Which explains the jovial nature of my last post. So yea, we fought because she ate TWO FREAKING ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. Man, hella pissed me off. Anyways, as you can see, it was a pretty ridiculous argument, but some how it escaladed and we ended up hurting each other’s feelings. But we did our makeup and things are good again.
Went out to dinner with chris and mike on tuesday. We talked about stuff, and about working life. They made me feel regretfull about my decision to study ecology, now I kind of want to join the corporate world and start making some REAL money. Needless to say, I came to my senses and decided I rather stick to doing what I love.
No time to write everything. Will come back to it some other day.