My girlfriend is annoying. Ok, if you are Uyen, then “Uyen you are annoying.” I can proclaim this here guilt free becuase she knows I still love her, and this is my website, so you can’t do jack about it. But honestly, it’s 9:11 AM and her lazy ass is still sleeping. I am a 1am-6am, 7am at most, anything beyond that is just pure indolent. She tells me that I should keep my opinions to myself because unlike me, her body requires an extend amount of rest in order for her to function normally. OK maybe she’s right, maybe I shouldn’t be be forcing her to live the way I do, I guess in SOME countries it’s not right, and I guess America is one of them. But freaken SH$#$T its annoying!!!
You know, this is not just a one rare instances of disagreement, we actually (suprisingly, nOT!) disagree on alot of things. For example, she is very anti-social. I am always so eager to meet new people and hang out with friends, or even strangers if the opportunity is presented to me. However, for Uyen, she only likes to hang out in small groups with people she knows. She rather sit home and watch TV than go hang out at the bar. She doesn’t really care too much for putting herself out there o get to know people and to be social. DAMN its annoying. We spent like 30 minutes to an hour yesterday arguing about this. I was so upset because she refused to try and be more sociable. I cannot imagine how life would be like together if she sits on her ass at home watching TV, while I am out and about making friends.
Ok, in all seriousness, there is technically nothing “wrong” with her being the way she is. “different strokes for different folks” i guess. But damnit, does that mean that we’re not going to make it as a couple? I honestly find some of the things she does extremely annoying, and I am sure she can say the same for me. How can two different people stay together if they disagree so much?? Should they change each other, so that can be more alike, or should they stick to being who they are. People are always saying that you should be yourself, well sometimes “yourself” aint that great, sometimes “yourself” is a jackass, and maybe you should work harder at being somebody else.
I am extremely guilty of always being “myself”. I think 90******* I am either sleeping, or just dont give a shit about the topic at hand. I know for a fact that being like this is not the way to approach life, so what should I do?? Should I change the way I think and be someone else, or should I just be a “yourself” and be the jackass that I was born to be??
Damnit, my girlfriend annoys me. :x