trouble in paradise


Giving in. How much are you supposed to give in without loosing yourself? Technically it’s not ok to be stubborn and always demand your way, but then again, it’s not right to just give in all the time. The problem is, if you don’t give all you can, you will be blamed for not giving it your best shot, and that is definitely not ok if you care really about something.

If you really care about something, you would give it your all.

First thing to give up is your logic. Meaning, even if you think you are right, just admit you are wrong and forget about it, because in reality, logic is very relative, compared to albert einstein and steven hawkins, your logical is a pile of bullshit, but then again, their logic, compared to a 6 years old is probably a pile of bullshit too. Oh well, thats the “relativity” part. Then next to go, and the hardest to let go of, is your your pride and your dignity. It’s not always mentally sound to put yourself in the back seat of the ride of YOUR life, but if you care about something enough you’d learn to flush pride and dignity down the ego toilet. Then, lastly, if all else fails, you can even give up your dreams and desires. See, now this aint that hard to give up, cus now that you aint got no pride and dignity, it doesnt even matter what you dreamed and desired.
Yea, so thats what you do when you care about something and you are forced to give in. You give in. Then you can be at peace knowning that you did EVERYTHING you possibly could, and if it still doesnt work out, then its not your fault, its just hopeless. But if you DON’T give up everything, you’re gonna wake up in the middle of the night thinking, “fuck, I cared so much about it, but I didnt give everything I possibly could to save it.” But then again, you give in, all the way, then you wake up one day and you say to yourself “fuck, I don’t even know who I am anymore. I used to have dreams, fantasies, ambitions, shit I cared about, now I have nothing.”
I typed in “life” in google, and thats the picture I got. Go figure.