too much

So thats not just a pretty flower to showcase my feminine side, its actually an invasive water primose called “Ludwigia” that we are currently studying at the Aquatic Weed Research lab that I work for. :lol: We’d go out to selected invaded sites and collect these little buggers by either walking into the water or paddling in with our kayaks. We then bring it home to our lab and seperate it and measure the biomass to try and understand the ecology of the plant. There are numerous other tedious tasks that we do revolving around this plant, however, it does not please me to go into details about those things.

I have begun the process of seeking a new job/hobby. Hobby? Yes, hobby. Being fresh out of college, with so many interest, and different talents, I find it absolutely necessary for me to give anything I am interested in a try. so when I apply for jobs, its not ONLY about making the bucks or developing a career, but its about trying something I like. Hence, its a hobby. I like working with computers, so I got that job at CompUSA, I like talking to people, so I got a job busing tables at Thai 2K, I like working with my hands, so I TRIED to get a job at jiffy-lube, but sadly they never even called me back. My main hobby/passion is ecology, so I did all those temp jobs working outdoors. They were all fun and extremely educational, but now I am interested in doing something sales related. I like to sell. I like convincing people to believe in my ideas, and thats exactly what sales is; getting people to believe in you.

I also want to make tons of money. I been feeling very underappreciated lately. With all my skills and experience, I deserve to get paid way more. There are so many people out there getting paid 2x to 3x the amount of money I make doing honest work, for doing almost nothing, and I am getting tired of it. I have alot of debt to pay off, and I need to start saving money for my future (ie. girlfriend). I dont care too much for fancy car or big house, but I do want to give my girlfriend a BMW, a fat diamond ring, and buy my parents a big home. I believe in myself. I know I have what it takes to be successful. Let’s hope I find a company that can appreciate that.