power of money

!~~1/20061001-money.jpg|The Power of Money~~!

Its titled “the power of money”. :lol: Hilarious. Absolutely Hilarious. Money has been on my mind for quite a while now. Ever since the impending termination date for my USDA job became visible, I started fantasizing about ways I can make tons of money to pay off my debt and afford my family the common luxuries they deserve.

Money is really annoying. You always want it. You can never seem to have enough of it. But you don’t really need it. It would take me forever to explain why you don’t need money, so I’ll just paraphrase and say that, “wealth is relative.” I can’t think of anything that is like money, because with everything in life, once you have a shit load of it, you get sick of, but with money, it seems the more you get, the more you need. :?:

Anyways, interviewed with 3 companies ( 6 interviews :x ) so far. I got all three jobs. Yay me. I guess. I am totally ditching the low paying, work in the dirt, sunburn, ecology type jobs. I am going into sales and marketing. As of today, I believe I will be working for Syntec Inc. in Vacaville. The pay is nothing to jump for joy about, but it’s enough for me roll up my sleeves and join the fight. Hopefully I will be able to propel the company into wealth, and then be there reap the benefits.

Once the debt is taken care of, I will put my money towards environmental education and protection. Somewhere in between that i’ll buy a house for the family. Don’t worry babe, I didn’t forget about you. ;) I will buy you something pretty. I promise.