did someone break a mirror?


It’s not easy watching the toughest person you know lay helplessly on a hospital bed. It’s even harder to think that if it werent for some plastic tubing, they’d be nine feet under. :? I googled “stroke” and that’s the picture I got.

I been to the hospital three times already in the last 12 months. I don’t like hospitals. Good thing I am not a doctor. Although those young doctors, and nurses are pretty hot. I’d look great in a doctor’s coat.
When my dad gets better he’s going to nag me about why I did not become a doctor. This time around, I really don’t have a good counter argument. :x

Maybe I need to go to church more often. If I get the job I want tommorow, and the pay is decent, maybe work wont start until 8 or 9, so I have time to go to church at 7:30. Going to church in the morning is surreal. Old people, come every morning, to beg for the Lord’s mercy.