gripped with fear tonight


As I was sitting here I am suddenly gripped by fear as thoughts of my the money I owed rolled through my head. How did I dig myself into this grave? I am buried way too deep and I have no idea how to climb out. I see myself digging into the dirt with my fingernails, slowly carving a small hole sideway in the dirt to try and get out. It’s going to be painful and long. I will be indebted to my job and I will forever be trapped in my current financial state. I am living on the edge really. If anything bad happens to me or my family, I would be bankrupt. If I miss one pay check, I would be doomed. Its really scary. I always knew how bad it was, but I don’t remember ever being so scared. :? The only thing I can do is pray. As with everything in my life, I need God to lead me through this dark tunnel. I am scared.